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Forum: USA / Open Forum / Whats the climbing scene like in Sacramento Login in to contribute
Whats the climbing scene like in Sacramento
OffLine Skye Hall
  2007-05-14 17:12:52    
I'm graduate high school in 8 days and plan to move to Sacramento this comming august and i was wondering hows the climbing around sacramento
OffLine Monica Aranda
  2007-05-17 08:44:47    
Hey Skye, My name is Monica. The climbing is Sacramento is AWESOME! That is if you are talking about a gym.  If you want to pull on real rock during the weekends then it could be a little tough.  The closest things around are some small route areas and Tahoe which is a huge playground for any kind of climber. The gym in Sac is called Pipeworks, it is one of 6 gyms that Touchstone owns.  Touchstone owns gyms all over the bay area such as; Touchstone Concord, Concord; Ironworks, Berkeley; Touchstone San Jose, San Jose; Mission Cliffs, San Francisco; anyway there is another in San Rafael and we are building one in Oakland near lake Merrit.  The reason why I know all this stuff is because I work at Touchstone.   Anyway, I hope I was useful. Monica www.touchstoneclimbing.com And, check out supertopo.com for some guides!