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Forum: USA / Open Forum / V10 start into .13d equals what in your opinon? Login in to contribute
V10 start into .13d equals what in your opinon?
OffLine Erik Danielson
  2009-05-14 22:11:09    
OffLine User Deactivated
  2009-05-15 07:22:32    
13c for sure.  Unless, of course you got the FA.  Then it'd be 13b.  Can't let anyone think you're a softie.
OffLine Erik Danielson
  2009-05-16 05:37:36    
your silly Zak.
OffLine rjtrials
  2009-05-18 03:34:13    
i guess you went with 14b ??
OffLine Upstate Bouldering
  2009-05-25 16:11:37    
"Sustained"...arent these the same grades?  According to the international conversion table I've been using for a few years, V10=13d.
OffLine Erik Danielson
  2009-05-25 16:48:41    
the prior post has been rejected. its just dumb.
OffLine William Bazargani
  2011-03-06 16:07:02    
OffLine Mark Avery
  2011-03-06 17:05:06    
v10 into a sit down catch a smoke rest >13d or v10>shaky clip hold >13d obviously very differant concepts
OffLine Regan McCaffery
  2011-05-03 02:19:57    
My 2c says .14b is pretty safe.  I think you'd be 14b regardless of if there was a rest after the boulder problem or if it was straight into the .13d.  Just means you'd be at opposite ends of the grade range.  Obviously this is just approximate as every route has it's own foibles like does the .13d section have the crux at the start or the end? If it was at the start AND there was a sit down rest after the V10 some might say hard .14a.  If there was no rest at all and the crux of the .13d was at then end then some might say easy end of .14c