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OffLine boulderv8
  2005-11-30 03:18:10    
Why are some ascents bold and some italic with some grades on them in my scorecard? I'm sure there is some special meaning behind this but I can't figure it out.
OffLine Milky "Dad-Bod" Williams
  2006-08-24 03:31:34    
You asked a simple question back in November and no one has answered it yet? The italic blue highlights shows when there is a discrepency in the grade of a given route. To me this is the finest feature of 8a. Say you send a route that is graded 7b/7b+ so you take 7b for it on your card. But someone else sends the same route and takes 7b+ for it. Now when people look at you your card it looks like you downgraded the route or that it was so easy for you that you took the lower number. You look like a bad ass. But when people look at the other dude's card his shit is all lit up in blue. He looks like a weak jackass for taking the big number. It requires precision judgement from the frequent 8a user to know exactly when to take the high number. A fine balance of keeping your score high, looking cool, and making the other folks look weaker than you. I hope this has helped you.