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Forum: USA / Open Forum / Pablo Rodriguez: Man or Myth? Login in to contribute
Pablo Rodriguez: Man or Myth?
OffLine D Robertson
  2010-07-30 04:30:05    
Does an hombre named Pablo Rodriguez really exist?  Is this Spaniard real or a Kaiser Soze? 
OffLine Mark Avery
  2010-07-30 04:46:00    
I think i saw him onsight  the glue fairy back in 05, he had a gaggle of hotties up in the crystal cave w/ him...totally real super g....course the whole scene completly ignored me...whata dick
OffLine Alexandra Kordick
  2010-07-30 19:16:27    
He is SO HOT. 
OffLine Sam Elias
  2010-07-30 20:16:38    
Walesa Andy???
OffLine Ryan Palo
  2010-08-09 21:31:05    
Dood. He really does exist. Homeboy stole my girl after crushing my project.
OffLine D Robertson
  2010-08-10 04:19:20    
Ryan are you serious, or are you playing along to build up the myth?  I have to know.  Is this mystically strong Pablo Rodriguez really out there?
OffLine Vanlu
  2011-01-18 23:19:32    
there is a spaniard called Nacho sanchez who can levitate sometimes... http://hoyamoros.blogspot.com/ you can wath him there...