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OffLine Cisko
  2013-08-02 12:14:02    
Hi All, My name is Francesco,I'm italian. Me and my girlfriend are going to have a  50 days on the road climbing trip around south California, in November. I'm trying to get an appropriate health insurance that covers also eventual problems coming from climbing practice, and seems that it does not exist. Let me better explain: We're going to spend 3 months in California, and of course we've to stipulate a Health Insurance for any evenience. Being the sport activity the hearth of our trip (Climbing, Surfing, Running) we would like to be insured also during sport practice, and here comes the problem: All the on-line insurance I've checked do not guarantee their insurance during climbing, so as our insurance brooker. So, here is my question: how did you guys solve this problem? Is there any specific insurance which covers also climbing?  How does it works in case of being in needs of medical support after a problem resulting from climbing? Thanks and Enjoy! Cisko
OffLine Em Pellerin
  2013-08-21 04:54:10    
Hi Cisco, I know it's really hard to find that kind of insurance... Have a look at Intermundial, they have a plan called "Avventura Plus" this is a yearly plan for 102.85 euros, and it covers you for every sport in any country you're travelling to. Double check with them that they cover you in United States. Keep me updated if it works for you. Good Luck! Em :)
OffLine Cisko
  2013-08-28 10:31:22    
Hi Em!Thank you very much for your suggestion; it's really a hard.I finally bought a regular medical insurance for USA.Our trip will last 6 monts, so we got an agreement with Columbus; climbing is excluded and now I'm in touch with Intermundial in order to uderstand if is worth to buy this one too.... Thanks for your info and congrats for your nice web site! Keep it rocking! Cisko