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Forum: USA / Open Forum / claiming "Secret" ascents is weak sauce Login in to contribute
claiming "Secret" ascents is weak sauce
OffLine Mark Avery
  2010-04-23 20:13:58    
If access to sweet new lines is sensitive, thats good reason to keep things on the D.L.  Telling the masses and posting photos just to make our tips sweat however, is not the bomb. I've seen crusty hack cromudgen tradsters  pulling this shit forever...lets break the cycle.
OffLine Liz Lemon
  2010-04-23 20:52:34    
8a is a great informational database that
can and should be used to gain insight into new and developing climbing
areas.  If you want to keep a place secret don't publish your ascent on 8a. 
OffLine Flailin' Jennings
  2010-05-20 19:26:04    
But how will we get our pointssss?????
OffLine Vanlu
  2010-07-03 04:49:22    
Before to publish anything you should think:

About enviroment around the area. If is delicate, (musk, plants, birds, animals, etc...) don't publish
About 'fauna' around the area. If is protected or sensible to human behaviour, etc...   don't publish.
About lands owner of the area. If is private or cultural heritage. Ex: cave paiting, etc... don't publish.
About what move you publishing. If you do it just because you want to be the one who 'discover' the area, or the more cool, or the adventure discover developer, etc... DON'T PUBLISH PD: An area stop being secret since the moment you discover it....
OffLine drunkenmaster
  2010-10-28 02:21:18    
basicly if my buddys girlfriend wants to show me her tits - im gonna look :) - i mean do you like rocks or rock climbing or both?? i love to see all the rocks - secret or not and i climb at so many new areas that are both secret and not that if i were to only add the public areas then whats the point of that? and what exactly is public or secret?? i used to keep everything secret then i felt like a hold out after i found so much good new stuff but then if i tell everyone everything im a sell out - it may be my life but it is only rock climbing. if people ask me to show them some of my secret areas i would be glad to since i have permission from the owners or know people who do or i would not take you to some of them unless you are a local or a trusted friend - simple. if you dont like looking at rocks you cant climb then just dont look. i wont climb at most of the places i see on the internet either. your weak sauce - quit your pointless whining, its only rock climbing. i only use 8a as a way to remember what i did and when, the competitive part of it is only really for fun and mostly for the top 10 or 25 in the world/country really after that who cares!? and doesnt every single area on the planet have a delicate environment around it and a history worth preserving?? then dont publish anything on the web at all ever with that attitude. doesn't make sense i tell you. i don't give directions to the secret spots.