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Forum: USA / Open Forum / Best crags for finding partners on summer road trip? Login in to contribute
Best crags for finding partners on summer road trip?
OffLine Mike Farnsworth
  2012-06-01 07:40:40    
Hello 8a! I'm hoping to leave for a 6-7 week summer road trip around June 20. I currently live in the east and would like to escape the humidity at the NRG/RRG. I'm game for the drive west if I have confirmation that it's relatively easy to show up and find partners at quality areas. I'm a pretty solid 12 climber and have made a reasonable dent in the low 13 grades. I had in mind the following: Ten Sleep, Rifle and Maple (these seem to make a nice triangle). I've been to Rifle and Maple years ago, but only with partners, so I'm basically clueless regarding their dynamic. I really can't boulder, as I have a screwed up ankle and probably shouldn't be climbing anyway. I would really appreciate any information on these or other areas. Additionally, if you're looking for partners, let me know! Thanks, Mike