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Forum: USA / Open Forum / An Open Letter to J. McNasty Login in to contribute
An Open Letter to J. McNasty
OffLine Brian Raymon
  2011-10-16 06:52:50    
This is an open letter to J. "The People's Champion" McNasty asking him to return from the depths of anonymous posting obscurity and reclaim his rightful throne as the motherfucking dragon of 8a.  Mcnasty, your Asian Dominance and references to small wangness are missed.Dear Mr. McNasty, You don't know me. I am old, male, middle class, and white. I have a Japanese wife and a black dog. I have a typical American wang which I am proud of. I want you to start posting on 8a again. Your comments are the shit and they often make me blow snot out of my nose. I wish I had half your wit. Why did you leave? I have mulled this since you left. I know you are not dead because the 8a flags are not flying at half mast so I have come to what I believe are two logical conclusions. 1. I bet you pissed some pretentious dumb fuck off in Boulder and they complained to Jens.  This seems logical since that was the last place I saw your Asian dominance on display. How's this for an idea? You go to Rifle and crush someone's project, they get their butt hurt and cry racism to Jens who probably cant see the sarcasm, humor, or brilliance of your posts. So, Chairman Jens goes Nagasaki on you. - Maybe I'm a little off base here but the evidence seems right. -  I know Ten Sleep didn't bitch when you went Hiroshima on them and I know East of the Mississippi is pretty much occupied by your big Asian nuts.  Here's what happened McNasty: Someone in Boulder saw you as a threat.  Someone in Boulder decided your progressive thinking might spread west and someone in Boulder feared the world would find out Boulder is not the the epi-center of climbing and that it is, in fact, infested with many individuals suffering from douchebaggery. It's bullshit too because now the rest of us have to suffer because of some fucking prick's "moral" code. 2. My second theory is you were kidnapped and water boarded by someone from the Kentucky/West Virginia Territories.  I fear they may have duct taped you to a tree, wrapped you in extra thick maple flavored bacon and are expecting some carnivore to wander by and eat you.  They think this will keep you out of the American top ten. I should probably end this and get my family into a safe house since I think tomorrow a lynch mob from Boulder is going to be hunting me with dogs.  McNasty, come the fuck back. PREASE!!!! Brian "People for McNasty" Raymon 
OffLine Suq Madiq
  2011-10-20 02:36:57    
I think Jens needs to tell us the names of the people who complained.  Its only fair!