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Forum: USA / Dr 8a / Middle Finger Discomfort When Making Fist Login in to contribute
Middle Finger Discomfort When Making Fist
OffLine Cole Zuelke
  2013-10-16 22:52:03    
So although I have found a few articles that come close to resembling my injury/discomfort I have not found anything that pinpoints it or gives a clear diagnosis. While bouldering outdoors two weeks ago I felt a slight discomfort at the knuckle just below the tip of my finger, or the DIP. I continued to climb the rest of the day without much pain or noticeable difference in the finger. Although there was one occurrence when I got hit with a pretty good twinge of pain while bumping from a side pull to an undercling. The next day the finger felt sore/ stiff when making a fist. The tighter the fist the more pain I received. There was no swelling. I took two full days off, but seeing as I am a full time routesetter come monday I was back at work. The pain/stiffness had subsided a lot, and I was able to set and climb routes without any pain or discomfort. I did keep the finger taped( mummy style) while working and climbing. I took a week off from hard climbing and training, and only felt a very slight amount of stiffness when laying the hand flat and pressing down with the middle finger. It seemed localized at the DIP. After a week I started bouldering again as I normally would, but avoided the campus board and hangboard. I felt no pain while climbing or even after climbing, But the slight stiffness when making a fist lingered. Middle of the second week I felt an aching pain after forerunning a very hard route, I was a little worried, but the pain went away shortly and I wasn't left with any new pains in the morning. Perhaps not wanting to fully accept the fact that I may be injured I've continued to climb nearly everyday but I pay close attention to how its feeling, and I have avoided trying too hard or trying moves that I feel may agitate the finger. Thats the backstory, now let me review the symptoms. No pain when climbing, although I've toned down my typical climbing load. Slight stiffness when making a fist, that seems to be located in the DIP area, and as of lately doesn't seem to stick around all day. Usually I feel it in the morning or if I fiddle with it trying to locate the pain, but not so much later in the day. I also get a slight pain when spreading fingers out as if waving or performing a high five and bringing my middle finger to my palm. The finger also seems to tremble a bit when doing this. I don't feel any pains while doing normal day to day activities and feel no pain when pressing down on the base of the finger or the middle of the finger above the middle knuckle.  Unlike other users who have posted with such titles as middle finger pain when making a fist, I feel like my symptoms are very slight. Im just worried about injuring it further. Im just hoping to find a clear diagnosis of what it may be, well as clear as an internet forum can provide, and the best course of action to take to insure a healthy finger in the future. Thank You