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Forum: USA / Blogs / visit my minicity please!!!!it needs your love Login in to contribute
visit my minicity please!!!!it needs your love
OffLine max marlowe
  2008-02-02 01:40:27    

my minicity needs your love and it is sooo small and i want it big

just put this in your browser http://maxopopolis.myminicity.com/

Blog by: max marlowe
OffLine rjtrials
  2008-02-06 05:34:27    
gave you the clicky-clicky.  looks like an interesting project.... got my staples out today!  should be crushing v4+ and 5.9+ within days (weeks)... RJ
OffLine Tim Hinck
  2008-02-25 15:20:20    
OffLine Thomas Buida
  2008-02-27 17:05:43    
so you are the one that bled all over redhouse...