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The "Best" Theory
OffLine Matt Fultz
  2008-03-30 06:25:13    

It has been a long time since I’ve written one of these blogs for this website.  I used to really enjoy blogging here until I received a couple of negative messages for my spray.  But recently, I came to the conclusion that their views don’t matter, and I’m going to continue to blog just because I like it. 

I believe that the last blog I put up was a little more than a year ago and a lot has happened since then.  I went to Hueco and had a pretty good time.  Also, I got my drivers license, so there has been a big spike in new Swan Falls and Reynolds Creek problems.  Most people don’t understand that these areas are really high quality and have tons more potential.  Swan Falls by itself hosts three star problems ranging from great fun V4 problems to nasty V13 huck-fests, and most problems are really nice on the hands.  But more on that to come.

Okay, so I’ve been into this theory that I’ve been thinking about for about 6 years, and have only recently come to a little bit of a conclusion:  What is the ultimate athlete?  Or, maybe more intriguing, WHO is the ultimate athlete, and what makes him/her so great?  Who is the best, and how do you define the best?  My quest has been to become the best all around athlete in the world since I first slipped on a pair of climbing shoes and heard this question from an old man.

In ancient times, thousands of years ago, you were judged based on your survival.  How you survived was based on three things:  How good you were at Swimming, Running, and Rock Climbing.  Running and strength has been as much a part of my life as climbing.  In fact, I spend more time lifting weights and running on a track than I do actual climbing.  I believe that, based on these 3 things, I could possibly be the “Best” athlete ever.  This, obviously, is very debatable, mostly because the subject of the “Best” is pretty touchy.  Also, we don’t live in ancient times anymore, so my skills add up to just about squat.

            It is hard to describe who or what the “Best” is, and when it is discussed, feelings are usually hurt and egos are most always crushed.  I looked up the word “Best” in the Webster’s dictionary.  Here is what it said:

Best: Having the most advantage or success.

            Having the MOST success…This does not mean always successful, or even most of the time successful.  Just MORE successful than everybody else.  So who is the best climber?  I’m not sure, but I think it’s the person who has had more success.  Whether it is just personal success or climbing the hardest grades, or maybe it’s the person training the hardest, I don’t know.  I’ll update more about this later.

Blog by: Matt Fultz
OffLine J V
  2008-03-30 11:22:01    
Best ever huh?  Better beef up your swimming stats.
OffLine Matt
  2008-03-31 01:27:00    
I know!  I went swimming again yesterday after a long break and thought I was going to die!  I will get back into my swimming shape soon.
OffLine Brian Raymon
  2008-03-31 17:18:30    
Hey Fultz- Next time you decide to work on your running, swimming, and climbing - try working on some humility. You need it more.
OffLine El MARTIN'
  2008-04-01 01:50:15    

"I used to really enjoy blogging here until I received a couple of negative messages for my spray"    Duh! Another way I could put it: "I used to really enjoy pounding nails into my head until I received a couple of negative feelings in my skull for my actions" Fultz, I realize that you are a young man, but are you really that much of a douche (It's pronounced, dooosh) to claim that " I could possibly be the “Best” athlete ever", on a public forum of your climbing peers?  Your theory is dead wrong cause the "best" athlete in 6000BC was the asskicker who could kill other men with his bare hands day in and day out.  You my friend are not that guy.   You might be fast for a pasty white boy, (or just think you are) but I guarantee that there's some 6'5" 210lb. black dude in the Boise Pen right now, that can't even boulder V1 that would easily outswim, run or climb to catch you, then rip your head off and shit down your neck (awesome cliche'.  I think I could possibly be the "Best" cliche' user ever.) just because you blogged such a stupid thing.     I hope your mom reads this and takes your computer privilages away for a week.  Besides, everyojne knows that Uncle Rico's past athletic performances can't be outdone.
OffLine Tammy McClure (f)
  2008-04-01 07:35:40    
Man, Spocompton must be getting a lot of snow lately...keeping you inside drinking more and playing online chess. Marty I thought the baby would soften you up a bit, and you're right about Uncle Rico's past athletic performances not being outdone - I don't think Tighty Whities has seen a second yet. Anyways, Matt's a good guy. Hopefully mike and I will see you and Ray battling it out at the moscow comp for the master's title with the Indian creek Winery sponsored prize of............? not telling!
OffLine John
  2008-04-02 08:37:51    
I have come up with what I call The "Gladiator " Theory.  Hers's how it works.   Step 1.         Take contenders, put them in an arena and test their athletic abilites against those of " Gladiators ". Gladiators would consist of amateur or professional body builders and possibly former football players.(for Marty inmates at the Idaho State Pen.) Step 2.         Test the contenders abilites in the following events: Assault Powerball Super Powerball - A special version of Powerball where scoring
receptacles are reduced from five to three and gladiators likewise
reduced from three to two. Breakthrough and Conquer Joust Human Cannonball The Wall - rock climbing event Atlasphere Hang Tough Swingshot The Maze Sky Track Gauntlet Pyramid Tug-O-War Whiplash Snapback The Eliminator Step 3.     Keep score, assign points in 5 -10 point increments with a 100   point maximum for each event.( Since we no longer live in Ancient times) Step 4.     Pit contenders against each other in a single elimination round robin tournament. The Best Athlete will score the most points in the tournament and be crowned the "Best Athlete Ever". Let me know what you guys think about my Theory John D. Keane    
OffLine El MARTIN'
  2008-04-02 16:41:13    
Dude, I just watched that on TV last night.  Fultz wasn't a contender on the show either.  Guess they must have forgot to call the potentially "Best athlete in the world".
OffLine John
  2008-04-02 18:54:50    
Marty, Do you know how they choose contenders ? I would assume some sort of fitness test ? John D. Keane
OffLine Tammy McClure (f)
  2008-04-02 23:43:49    
hey Keane, a climber-dude won last time. You have to fill out a book-sized application asking silly questions and make a video of yourself. I think you can do it. Hell yeah.