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Self Portrait
OffLine Aidan Welby
  2013-11-06 04:51:36    
Zho whas good, ma? When im rappin its average, stay fly, a hell fire maverick, but when im crimpin im winnin, my posse all dudes, no women, ya dig it? This is life, and all im tryna do, cop me a (8th grade) wife, and get sponsored out the wazzoo. All that really matters is who pack the maddest swagger (jah boi) and who climbs in illinois, I tell em strictly soi, you wanna meet my doijois!? my crew is stricly hard ass street players: Ovai and Jung Woo choi. But nah fuck the haters, its all about sponsors and money. LOTS of money and only the minimal mount of climbing in order to be in Magazines and cool videos. 
Okay real talk.  My goal in life? rep ma team, and travel the globe without losing my climber upbringing (great appreciation for aesthetic lines and beautiful stone. sandbagged grades > feel good softies. and obviously Subarus > Souped up Audis ((ya that one rhymes too))) Sanuk>Nike, Sportiva >Air Jordan. Dave Graham > Lebron and Jason Kehl > every other appearance-oriented fake ass hoe. Aiights thats all for today folks, pack it up, take it home witchu. Aidy Dubz out.
(Truth be told, Im a middle class, Catholic School educated, White boy from the Midwest, who loves the perfect sandstone of Southern Illinois, and going bouldering in the SOUTH with his dirty dawgs Ben Mangelsdorf and Dillon Lawrence, and route climbing in the east (red and new) with his kats Travis Pagel, and Mark Mayerhoefer. Sorry you had to skim through the bullshit to get to that eensy weensy nugget of truthe but it dont matter, cuz im a telephone booth) YOOOOOOOOOOOOPE.  

Blog by: Aidan Welby
OffLine Ben Mangelsdorf
  2013-11-06 04:57:01    
Hey, really liked the blog post, lots of cool information in here. I heard about your crew through a Southern illinois newspaper article about all your so ill FAs, you're jjohn thurmoisn right? Cool, nice work on your 2000 leg traverse. I'd be interested in getting to know you some day. When is your film, tales from the fort a souther bouldering short coming out? Everyday I wake up and watch the trailer for this amazing film, awaiting its release. Keep it nauseous, friend. -BENSOI