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Hello Internet
OnLine Ben Mangelsdorf
  2013-11-06 04:34:50    
Hello its me, the ultimate trill boy. I got no bills boy. I'm a real boy. I'm a deal boy. Deal or no deal call that a NAVY Seal, marines like i'm jared jerboi soidooi. What up climbers. Here's all you need to know about me. I got sponsers out the ass. I got gold chains, swagger, etc. It's alright to have fun while climbing, but in general I disapprove. My philosophy/ies mainly revolve around swagjazz, evil bouldering (Kehlian processes), and dark nipples. If you have a problem, send me a message and let's work it out. 

What do I do? I like to go and climb on boulders, and hopefully my hand sensations will bring me to happiness, and if not, maybe you and I can have a chat, alright? Southern Illinois boy, on a soy diet, pretty obvious, doi! I clock in at 5'10'', 130 pounds. Essentially, this blog will be used for all my self-promotion and to make me the best climber of the world, thus far. 
Thanks for being an audience of friends.

Blog by: Ben Mangelsdorf
OffLine Aidan Welby
  2013-11-06 04:37:56    
you fake boi! all i gots to say is keep cranking in missouri cranky cranky swanky franky im a lanky mahf, trill thug like tupac, in the bathroom stashing socks, all these white boys play with..... clocks ;) (doity minded bastawd)  - love ya benboi
OffLine Aidan Welby
  2013-11-06 05:09:42    
Dont wuwwy!!
OffLine Aidan Welby
  2014-10-02 05:09:35    
Hey tiko! This is Yump Sunp. After completing my twelve inch cokcome goal, I realized, my new testament is the second and phillip is my breakfast. I gobbled his innard tubules and rewound his tunkerbank. Enjoi your wats up im a chattagnooga climber from the nroogya. Swoop me up and chissel my rugged HALARIOUS KQUPrs. Im SINGEL AND READY FOR A BAEDAN. Fuck you like yo uhat eme. Go down dont be lazy. I love her cuz she drive me WASSUP> LIFE TIME STREES> PHONE SHIT GOING ON>< WHER SOULD UST GRET DURNK AND SCRUNK.                                                                                                                                                                                               Hers some wet quotes to warm you litter        1) "Give me your chamelion Kamodo"- Karnold Kardashian to Kwhambi Yeast  regardng his scaled sweet and sour reptile             2) "Its pronounced Kanji, you racist cooter" -Me to your grandma regarding Kwhambi                                                            3) "Im very hippy"-feminine black-wearer at the basket weaving departmenstore                                                               4) "What for some bouldering comp?"-Newly born wet man, at HCR24HHH2014GIDDY event                                                      5) "Its like some sort of dinosaur!"-Appreciative Woven short man admiring spookpooper                                                        6) "holy,,, holy,,,,,, holy,,,,,"-Young Reckless killer waiting on friend taking a boodoo                                       7) "What the dirty ticklesnap is a boodoo"-Jyeff Kranish Hen Kardesch today at school                                                   8) "Dudus FROMAAGE Manhn!" -Mike Mjorn May to me after downgrading Small Skreech                                                                9) "You just making people up now?!" -Andrew Taylor to me about Mike May                                    10) "Gyal Wine WINE WINE WINE WINE WINE WINE" -Adam Bronco Peters while dry deniming my virgin vine hole        11) "Pokeeman Wappanapper"- Chris Smeeichk regarding Claidrienne Ark                                                                                        12) "hoi." OP O'Jello                                                                                                                                      13) "Pull the zipper down and see" -Alex Johnson to Matt Haig and Pigeon in Buttermilks                                        14) "Give me your star collecter!" Ron NAnce to RAmi thompson before smith grinding his battle axe tower                                   15) "Pip Me" - Dilldjong the autogoforresrunforresrunforresgoforres                                                            16) "Asheemah Sheery Ash" Jeremu to the Tar Collector himself              17) "Do it for the real scribble bops in- CMON CHAP! Well done Sir!" -**This series of quotations was taken from a conversation between numerous freaks and geeks including Likkle Cheezy himself. It was recorded by John Gilli-Ungst before ramble-topping the gap toothed booty BVTCH nVgga3(R).                                                                                  18) "We should get to Jelly rollin HEY HEY HYE HEY oakliand passadini!" Schlamp-Post Decater before changing her name to Cagioap.                                                                                                                                                            19) "Where you at?! WHOOP! JAH!"- Likkle Wanye's homie Drizzy "Old sould living in a past life" Agustus get it late.