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Forum: USA / Blogs / An Open Letter To J. McNasty. Login in to contribute
An Open Letter To J. McNasty.
OffLine Brian Raymon
  2011-10-16 06:36:04    
This is an open letter to J. "The People's Champion" McNasty asking him to return from the depths of anonymous posting obscurity and reclaim his rightful throne as the motherfucking dragon of 8a.  Mcnasty, your Asian Dominance and references to small wangness are missed.Dear Mr. McNasty, You don't know me. I am old, male, middle class, and white. I have a Japanese wife and a black dog. I have a typical American wang which I am proud of. I want you to start posting on 8a again. Your comments are the shit and they often make me blow snot out of my nose. I wish I had half your wit. Why did you leave? I have mulled this since you left. I know you are not dead because the 8a flags are not flying at half mast so I have come to what I believe are two logical conclusions. 1. I bet you pissed some pretentious dumb fuck off in Boulder and they complained to Jens.  This seems logical since that was the last place I saw your Asian dominance on display. How's this for an idea? You go to Rifle and crush someone's project, they get their butt hurt and cry racism to Jens who probably cant see the sarcasm, humor, or brilliance of your posts. So, Chairman Jens goes Nagasaki on you. - Maybe I'm a little off base here but the evidence seems right. -  I know Ten Sleep didn't bitch when you went Hiroshima on them and I know East of the Mississippi is pretty much occupied by your big Asian nuts.  Here's what happened McNasty: Someone in Boulder saw you as a threat.  Someone in Boulder decided your progressive thinking might spread west and someone in Boulder feared the world would find out Boulder is not the the epi-center of climbing and that it is, in fact, infested with many individuals suffering from douchebaggery. It's bullshit too because now the rest of us have to suffer because of some fucking prick's "moral" code. 2. My second theory is you were kidnapped and water boarded by someone from the Kentucky/West Virginia Territories.  I fear they may have duct taped you to a tree, wrapped you in extra thick maple flavored bacon and are expecting some carnivore to wander by and eat you.  They think this will keep you out of the American top ten. I should probably end this and get my family into a safe house since I think tomorrow a lynch mob from Boulder is going to be hunting me with dogs.  McNasty, come the fuck back. PREASE!!!!
Brian "People for McNasty" Raymon

Blog by: Where is Mcnasty?!? Raymon
OffLine Jason Moore
  2011-10-16 17:15:51    
Thank god someone else is as concerned as I have been in regards to the where a bouts of Mr J. McNasty.  I thought I was alone in mourning his departure.  Thank you for posting this and giving the rest of us a forum to thank Mr. McNasty for all his inspirational comments.  McNasty, all I want in life is to be able to crush like your Asian ass does.  If the above post is correct, then you Boulder douchebags, and you know who you are, have ruined it for the rest of us.  No more logging in to 8a with excited anticipation to see what Mr. McNasty has posted this time.  By now Im sure the above mentioned douches have realized what a colossal mistake they have made.  McNasty please come back.  We need you.  As mentioned above "your comments are the Shit".  
OffLine Ryan Palo
  2011-10-17 17:19:40    
I would gladly sacrifice my positioning if it meant the glorious return of Senior McNasty. His thoughtful commentary was an inspiration to us all.  Ryan "People for McNasty" PaloFormally Ryan "Just the Tip" Palo
OffLine Mark Polinski
  2011-10-18 03:43:34    
I don't much care why Mr McNasty has disappeared (although I think being tied to a tree with extra thick bacon a likely explanation). However I did find his comments to be some of the wittiest and enjoyable to read on this site and I would hope he soon returns. There's no substitute for clever humor Mark "Where's McNasty" Polinski
OffLine Milky "Dad-Bod" Williams
  2011-10-18 12:38:50    
I think it is pretty weak that 8a asked J. McNasty to remove his scorecard.  Someone complained that it was offensive.  So what!  I work as the editor of an online climbing website, just like Jens.  I get emails all the time from people saying our site is offensive and that comments should be deleted.  I tell them, "Piss off!"  People are allowed to say what they want cause this is America!  This is a land that J Mcnasty emigrated to because the imperial emperor wouldn't allow freedom to use Facebook.  And now J Mcnasty is being censored by 8a over rord Jens Rarsen?  Is Sweden just rike Asia or more rike Crushtown, USA? 
OffLine dank
  2011-10-18 16:10:29    
why is no one calling jens racist and offensive?  Isn't McNasty Korean?  Seems Jens' actions are the same as if I said to Hermain Caine,  "hey bro - your blackness offends me, I'm pretty sure it offends the people around me too. We're going to have to go ahead and shut you down.  You understand right?" what the fuck?  Hey Jens! it was exit 237b to get to Crushtown, USA.   Should have asked Mikey for directions dooood.....
OffLine Brian Raymon
  2011-10-19 23:57:29    
Hey Jens - I hate to be the one to tell you this but you cant keep the monkeys from themselves! Humanbeings are nasty fucking animals. One minute we pick lice out of each other's hair and the next we shit in our hands and chuck it at each other. The world has gone so far overboard in its quest to be "politically correct" that its created an unjust authoritative dogma that people better not make fun of people - or else!!! Look out McNasty, here come the freedom of speech police. I just don't see the harm here. If someone- really, truly, no fucking shit, I swear it on Gods' own bible, got their butt hurt reading Mcnasty's posts (which I still dont believe) they SHOULDNT read his posts. Period. End of Discussion. You know what I do when I dont like someone's posts? I don't read them. I don't tell on them either. I would use a three letter word here to describe what that action is but I don't want to get censored and arrested. Let McNasty come back Jens. PREASE! It's what the people want. I'd kick off the rat who bitched too if I was king of 8a. America hates tattle tales. Brian "People for McNasty" Raymon
OnLine Suq Madiq
  2011-10-20 02:48:01    
I think Jens needs to tell us the names of the people who complained.  Its only fair! Jen's demand was that McNasty use his real name, delete any "strange" photos,  no "good at math" alias, no bad language, no hiroshima references, and no profanity.  Well, thats gonna make his card about as exciting as some asswipe from the bouldering rankings!!!!
OffLine Misty Murphy(f)
  2011-10-24 17:13:36    
Oh what sad times these are when truly funny material gets filtered by fluffed  up climbers who take themselves too serious. I quit 8a-ing entirely until I heard of this "McNasty". Then I was hooked. I switched from beer to sake, started using chopsticks instead a fork and knife, I even started calling my berry good fren Rauren Rhee more often. Thanks for taking away my fun Jens. Thanks. God knows how boring it is reading your scorecard. Misty "I Miss McNast" Murphy
OffLine Matt Fanning
  2012-01-14 23:54:08    
I have heard it from a good source that Mr. Mcnasty is actually Jens alter ego. Can anyone help me determine the validity of this statement(Is yens ashamed of his larger than most americans wang-size and rock crushing abilities)?
OffLine buoha
  2012-04-10 18:13:09