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Forum: UKR / Blogs / ATTENTION ! Heel broke epidemic! Login in to contribute
ATTENTION ! Heel broke epidemic!
OffLine Evgeny Krivosheytsev
  2005-12-02 11:53:49    

Only few weeks ago one of the best ukranian climbers Igor Gousak  have been broke his heel in Moscow, when he work on boulder problem in climbing gym!

And yesterday another one of the best ukranian -top climber Maxim Petrenko did the same - he felt down in boulder gym and hes feet get beatween two mate ! His heel was broken out ! It,s very bad luck,Max few days ago just climbed 8c Tears of Crocodaile in Crimea, that showed ,  he was in geat shape!

In Saterday will start competition in Kiev - Final Cup of Ukraine ! It is pity, but this competition will miss a lot of strong climbers- Max, Igor and me (I still repare my car in Poland )!

Be careful , when you climb bouldering!




Blog by:Evgeny Krivosheytsev
OffLine Jonas T
  2005-12-02 19:26:03    
shit, what ir going on in the east europe?
last friday in bouldering competition I pulled my knees ligaments...

wish you to heal up fast!
see you guys in Crimea!
OffLine Mihai STANESCU
  2005-12-03 12:45:13    
Actually in the gym where Max got injured it happens often that you fall with legs between mats. Hopefully the mats will be covered soon, to prevent such incidents.
OffLine Jonas T
  2005-12-03 14:08:26    
We had this problem in our bouldering gym here in Vilnius. But we made
some movable mats and now can place them over the spaces between static
OffLine Tooley
  2007-02-04 14:49:05    
I feel really sorry for those guys with the broken heel. I split my heel bone (calcaneus) myself almost a year ago. Apparently it's one of the worst bones you can break in terms of recovery. But I can assure you guys, it'll be alright! I'm back in climbing and after a lot of fingerboard trainging stronger than before the accident. I hope you recover soon!!! Oli
OffLine Tooley
  2007-02-04 14:49:53    
Sorry, just noticed that the entries were very old. Anyway I hope you're back into climbing. Keep cranking!