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Forum: TUR / News / 8C (B+) by Dave Graham in Rocklands Login in to contribute
8C (B+) by Dave Graham in Rocklands
OffLine 8a.nu
  2018-07-12 00:00:00    
Dave Graham (36), one of the best climbers in the world since 1999, reports on Insta that he has done Daniel Woods' Noise vs Beauty 8C in Rocklands. "After battling with this rig off and on last season it was my primary objective upon returning here in Rocklands; it was an intense mental and physical journey to persevere, stay focused, not get distracted by the plethora of new boulders to climb :), and stick that last sloper from the start."
OffLine The Whistleblower 5
  2018-07-12 13:06:26    
How should the climbing media report the grade of Dave's ascent? 8a.nu has chosen to report it as 8C despite the fact that the FAist and subsequent ascensionists have proposed 8B+ (8B+/8C) for the grade.
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2018-07-12 14:01:46    
Thanks, I was not aware of that Graham actually suggested an upgrade to it. The news have been changed.