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Forum: TUR / News / 8B by Nina Williams again Login in to contribute
8B by Nina Williams again
OffLine 8a.nu
  2018-07-04 00:00:00    
Nina Williams, who did her second 8B last week, has done The Automater 8B in RMNP. In the 8a ranking game, the 28 year old is #3. (c) Michael Pang

”Sent this thing twice in a day. My back grazed the pad on the first go and it bugged me. Rested 10 minutes and did it again clean. 8 sessions total. Psyched it's done!!”
Click to Enlarge Picture
OffLine Harry J Bone
  2018-07-04 12:00:05    
I’m happy to see her succeed , as she always comes across to me as a lovely person . Well done Nina , bless .
OffLine Mischa Hawker-Yates
  2018-07-04 14:59:03    
Casual second lap, because why not? Sounds like she's got margin.