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Forum: TUR / Editorial / How many have done 8a and harder? Login in to contribute
How many have done 8a and harder?
OffLine 8a.nu
  2018-06-12 00:00:00    
It is impossible to say how many have done an 8a. One way to come up with a guess is to use factor 3.5 for every grade. In practice, a factor 4 fits better for the the somewhat official stat we have for 9a to 9c but the history shows that many of them will probably get down graded. Anyhow, in one way, such calculation helps us to understand the width of the grades and how the grading system works.

1 = 9c (Ondra)
3.5 = 9b+ (Ondra, Sharma and Megos)
12 = 9b (Some 16 guys)
43 = 9a+ (Around 70 guys)
150 = 9a
525 = 8c+
1 838 = 8c
6 433 = 8b+
22 519 = 8b
78 815 = 8a+
275 854 = 8a
OffLine joza
  2018-06-12 10:32:05    
Such a scientific study necessarily needs an upgrade; 76 095 835 016 climbers did at least one 6b! I don't want to speculate about the number of 5a climbers, maybe a chance for you Jens? ;)
OffLine Alan Little
  2018-06-12 11:03:14    
Surely a better way would be to count how people have logged 8a ascents in your database & then guesstimate what percentage of 8a climbers use 8a.nu? Since that's probably more than 10% and definitely less than 100% it at least gets us within an order of magnitude.
OffLine Sune Hermit
  2018-06-12 11:48:21    
@joza: +1
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2018-06-12 12:12:03    
I have said that the factor 3.5 could possibly be used between 9c and 8a. Further down the list, I would guess the factor is lower :)
OffLine Arnoud Prinz
  2018-06-12 12:20:19    
There is a interesting article about this subject. They explain the mathematical behind this. What i remember is that it come close to the e-number what is 2.7. Sorry but i cant find the artical.
OffLine Ari
  2018-06-12 12:58:29    
@joza: That clearly proves, that our ancestors were able to climb a tree with the grade of 6b for at least 10000 years ago.
OffLine Bojan
  2018-06-12 14:27:15    
> 150 = 9a

This estimate is terribly wrong. There is probably twice that much.
On http://escalade9.wifeo.com/par-nationalite.php
there are 394 climbers who climbed 8c+/9a or harder:
By country:
Français 56
Espagnols 53
Américains 49
Italiens 42
Allemands 33
Autrichiens 24
Britanniques 24
Suisses 17
Polonais 13
Belges 11
Slovènes 9
Canadiens 8
Japonais 7
Russes 7
Tchèques 5
Australiens 4
Chinois 3
Finlandais 3
Mexicains 3
Argentins 2
Bulgares 2
Norvégien 2
Portugais 2
Slovaques 2
Suédois 2
Bielorusse 1
Brésiliens 1
Chiliens 1
Coréens 1
Danois 1
Grecs 1
Hollandais 1
Israeliens 1
Turcs 1
Ukrainiens 1
OffLine Arnoud Prinz
  2018-06-12 16:50:08    
@Joza. Your conclusion is wrong. It is ashame that 8a post a low level artical like this over and over again. But also over and over a reaction like Joza. Sad, sad sad.
OffLine averissimo
  2018-06-12 18:33:56    
guys? lol I think Angela, Margo, Anak and Ashima would beg to differ.
OffLine Steve
  2018-06-13 00:13:01    
Man, you cannot use a statistic about the number of climbs one person made in each grade, i.e. the grade pyramid, and deduce from that how many people have climbed each grade in total. That's just wrong.
OffLine smeb95
  2018-06-13 00:26:44    
Surely this is proof that 8a.nu is a trolling site. There's no other possible explanation for this post.
OffLine El Scorpion
  2018-06-13 03:54:24    
I think the famous quote goes:

There's lies, damn lies, and Jenz's statistics"

PS Arnoud - it's called sarcasm, Joza was using it
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2018-06-13 07:33:56    
Based on that the article begins with, ”It is IMPOSSIBLE to say how many have done 8a. One way to come up with a GUESS...”

I find many comments strange so I repeat.

It is IMPOSSIBLE and the numbers should only be considered a GUESS.