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Respect @Silvapark 

Click to Enlarge Picture“Recently, climbers destroyed fixtures in the bath room facilities at the parking spot Silvapark Galtür. The "Bergbahnen Galtür" provides parking spaces, waste buckets, toilets and washing rooms. They also put up a fountain for us! It took years of discussions with the authorities to get the permission to drive up there and, I think, we’ve finally reached an amazing agreement.

Right now, we are allowed to camp for FREE, but if there are more problems in future, this permit will be revoked. I was informed by "Bergbahnen Galtür" that many campers leave their tents during the day, making it impossible for cars to park. I am happy that they still give us the opportunity to solve our problems, so that bouldering at Silvapark remains a comfortable experience for everybody. So, please keep the place clean and think about other climbers when putting up your tent up there!”

Bernd Zangerl