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Disqualifications change everything in male Combined 

As Jongwon Chon and Yoshiyiki Ogata were disqualified in Speed, thew will not make the Combined Top-6 final. Jakob Schubert, who also was disqualified due to a false start in his second race, can still make the final but then he probably need to be Top-15 in the Boulder semi.

Tomoa Narasaki has secured a final position and most probably also Adam Ondra and Jakob Schubert. Kokoro Fujii, Jan Hojer, Mickael Mawem and Kai Harada need a good result opening up for Jernej Kruder or Alexsei Rubtsov if they win in Bouldering. Meichii Narasaki did not make the Boulder semi but with poor results by his opponents, he could still make it to the Combined final. In theory, also Yoshiyuki Ogata could make it if he wins and all others result on his side.

For some reason Alex Megos did climb deliberately slow in Speed finishing last although he would have had chances for the Combined final with a fast time in Speed. Now he was overall #12. Provisional Combined results