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Forum: SWE / News / The Recovery Drink 8c+++? by Daniel Jung Login in to contribute
The Recovery Drink 8c+++? by Daniel Jung
OffLine 8a.nu
  2018-08-08 00:00:00    
Daniel Jung comes with the amazing news on Insta that he has done the first repeat of Nico Favresse’s The Recovery Drink in Jössingfjord in Norway from 2013. Nico did not suggest a grade of the 35 meter trad route but saying it was his hardest ever crack. In fact, 8c+ or harder have been mentioned by very experienced trad climbers having tried it.

Comparing it to 9a sport routes, this just might be as hard or even harder than some but it seems trad grades, currently going to 8c+, use another scale. One reason for this could be that in trad you are supposed to place all gear on lead meanwhile in sport climbing this ethics were left in the beginning of the sport era. It should be mentioned that Daniel, who has done La Rambla 9a+, did place on lead menwhile Nico left some gear in place on easier sextions saying a more pure ascent could be done. (c) Fred Moix
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OffLine chad molino
  2018-08-08 17:16:50    
I gonna look at the picture with my headlamp to see if it's better !
OffLine Joe Crotty
  2018-08-08 21:52:32    
Awesome send! Here is the video of FFA:


The wide boyz also made an attempt but it seems they were thwarted by weather:

OffLine Sebastian Peace
  2018-08-09 04:56:06    
I am not sure what sextions are but sounds great and the line/rock looks amazing!