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Forum: SWE / News / Spectre 8B flash by Brian Nugent Login in to contribute
Spectre 8B flash by Brian Nugent
OffLine 8a.nu
  2019-03-04 00:00:00    
Brian Nugent, who previously has just done one 8B+, has flashed Spectre 8B in Bishop.

"I cannot think to dream of a climb in first try, but sometimes we cannot think of a dream of truth. First flash in historic problem and I can feel an incredible overwhelm of joy, anger with others for not realize their potential, and most of all FEAR in horrible choss top slab. To rephrase what is said to me by amazed friends “Nuggles on Fire!!!!!”

I had a big spray down from friends Bryce and Vincent with specific hand crystal beta and even a mental checklist, but I’m the moment it’s just like a freestyle, “follow the path, go with the flow.”

OffLine Philippe Vaucher
  2019-03-05 08:34:02    
"anger with others for not realize their potential"

Can someone explain what this means?
OffLine 2big2boulder
  2019-03-05 09:13:29    
He wants to see his fellow Polish climbers achieve what they are capable of.
OnLine Jesse Bruni
  2019-03-05 16:26:46    
Congratulations for the making of bold flash!.
OffLine kylemfspurgeon
  2019-03-05 17:21:33    
Honnold's solo of El Cap was cool and all, but this might just be the biggest achievement in climbing.
OffLine Jason Crank
  2019-03-06 15:49:54    
Phillippe - perhaps given the number of other very strong climbers out there, he's a bit shocked that nobody before him had accomplished this feat.
OffLine Dick Puncher
  2019-03-07 01:12:01    
Gamba Nuggles-san