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Forum: SWE / News / Improve chalking and possibly climb harder!? Login in to contribute
Improve chalking and possibly climb harder!?
OffLine 8a.nu
  2009-05-08 00:00:00    
Top climbers often put a chalk ball in their chalkbag in order to improve chalking. Mammut have developed a new chalkbag with a refillable chalk ball inside. 8a have taken this idea further by attaching the chalk ball so that it can be flipped outside.This could make you climb harder grades; 1. Less bending of elbow might increase blood-circulation 2. Pushing ball instead of squeezing is less fatigue 3. Quicker chalking in critical situations 4. Dry holds and put tick marks on lead 5. An elastic cord, as Klättermusen have, improves 1 - 4.
OffLine User Deactivated
  2009-05-09 16:08:18    
why not strap a chalk ball on your belly or maybe chest? So instead of stop and chalk in a bad position ,just hit the chalk ball, and countinue climbing. Good for redpointing hard routes without rest!
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2009-05-09 16:17:57    
Theoretically, the best thing for chalking would have been to have two chalk balls hanging on the sides of your waist.
However, that would be much more complicated compared to just flip the chalk ball once you want to go in performance mood. Further more, you would like a Christmas tree with hanging balls in and that would not be so cool when you are warming up.
OffLine sidepull
  2009-05-09 18:04:52    
Is this a joke? I don't know of any top climbers that prefer to climb with chalk balls - the only people that do are gym climbers that are forced to use them because gyms eschew loose chalk (air system issues). Moreover, I'd hate to belay someone with (sexual innuendo aside) a ball hanging out, you'll be eating a constant deluge of powder. Sorry, but this is just stupid. Let's spend more time anointing the world's most humble, non-anorexic climber, declaring easy dynos as the world's hardest problems, and promoting access issues while harassing national bodies that try to maintain local ethics. E.g., let's get back to the usual 8a stuff. Oh wait, this fits that definition. Sorry! :)
OffLine User Deactivated
  2009-05-09 18:19:51    
It's an interesting concept. I like the fact it makes for a speedier chalk-up. However, could this possibly jeapordize access? Many hikers and rangers already despise the little chalk chunks and dust left behind from climbers. Maybe this isn't a problem in your area.
OffLine User Deactivated
  2009-05-09 20:00:28    
Maybe someone could be climbing a nearby route and throwing little pieces of chalk at your hands between holds. That way you wouldn't have to worry about chalking up at all. Is this a revolutionary idea that will change the future of climbing? I say yes.
OffLine Graeme Alderson
  2009-05-09 20:29:34    
Have I travelled in time and gone back to the start of last month ?
OffLine bat svilko magnata
  2009-05-09 21:18:43    
Nice idea indeed, I was thinking about chalk balls or chalk "grids" on the jeans front pockets place, like many climbers put chalk there to make insta-chalk once or twice during some hard boulder (usually slopper one).
OffLine Michiel Hennevelt
  2009-05-09 21:44:57    
Dude... why?
OffLine Kauz
  2009-05-10 03:12:14    
I just wanted to say I love the title punctuations?! Am I the only one?!
OffLine ADas
  2009-05-10 03:19:07    
Exactly how much harder will I climb if I flip my balls out?
I need a specific number.
OffLine Kauz
  2009-05-10 03:48:42    
In other news, I have the same chalk bag with the same color and make/model of toothbrush as in the picture. In other other news. I combine a chalk ball with loose chalk. A chalk ball, in my opinion will release chalk easier surround by chalk already, no lie.
OffLine grigri
  2009-05-10 21:13:50    
Why not just spray-paint all the holds with liquid chalk? That way you would never have to chalk up! That should add at least three grades to your best achievement, how many points is that? I thought the whole point of a chalk bag was to contain the chalk?
OffLine devlin
  2009-05-11 01:59:42    
Dog's balls anyone?
OffLine Erik Ahrné
  2009-05-11 09:47:24    

Everyone is a genius at least once a year.  The real geniuses simply
have their bright ideas closer together.  ~G C Lichtenberg
OffLine janez miklavčič
  2009-05-11 09:49:11    
After all who uses chalk ball anyway?
OffLine gianluca
  2009-05-11 10:15:03    
wowwwwww what a revolution! from now on we'll not be the same climbers again! we will wonder how could we possibly climb without this magic chalkbag and that intelligent, brilliant, tricky, Sma......lll belay device we read about just some weeks ago!!! what next from mammut&8a.nu ???
OffLine renets
  2009-05-11 10:47:14    
Now we'll surely need new grades : slash grades are out, chalky ballly grades are the new hype!
OffLine Jean-Baptiste Jourjon
  2009-05-12 18:29:48    
promotion of chalk marks and of more loose chalk in atmosphere, are you joking ?
OffLine User Deactivated
  2009-05-12 20:51:34    
man, that's lame and retarded...really =)
OffLine oliver miller
  2009-05-18 04:35:43    
Revolutionary chalk ball! Almost as good as loose chalk! whats next next? a revolutionary chalk hat to absorb that distracting sweat dripping in your eyes after the effort of squeezing your revolutionary chalk ball? How about chalk undies to absorb all that... ok ill stop there.
OffLine Miha
  2009-05-21 18:53:54    
I have heard of this new method that is spreding like a virus among the climbing underground. All the big names are using it and it is also making its way into junior selections and common boulder gym.

It's simply mindblowing...
Once you have tried it you're hooked...
It is recommended by the top trainers and scientists...


Its COMMON SENSE. Don't believe every nonsense that is posted on some laime forum. Go out climbing. And try to figger shit out for your self - you will enjoy it.

I have spoken...
OffLine Forest Collin
  2015-03-10 22:05:27    
SO much hating. I like the idea