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Forum: SWE / News / 8B+ by Shauna Coxsey (18) Login in to contribute
8B+ by Shauna Coxsey (18)
OffLine 8a.nu
  2011-06-08 00:00:00    
UKC has the full story of Shauna jumping directely from 7C+ to 8A+.

Pilgrim 8a+ from Shauna Coxsey on Vimeo.

OffLine Andreas
  2011-06-08 14:02:19    
Extreme upgrading by 8a.nu...
OffLine Henning Wang
  2011-06-08 14:06:24    
Maybe they have decided to give her the full 8B+ in advance since they are sure she will be able to complete it eventually? Congratz on the 8A+ tho, nice effort :)
OnLine grubber
  2011-06-08 14:30:21    
wow. colour me impressed.. wow. oh, and crappy journalism, yay!
OffLine DWF
  2011-06-08 17:12:38    
Not wanting to comment on this great leap forward as I have no Idea about here or the route etc. With the personal grade debate in mind and from my point of view I'd question if that really such a big deal? Routes are all different and each route demands different skill sets. I can find a 7C+ that is totally not my style impossible to link even if I can do the individual moves or worse if I can't even do the individual moves VS A 8a+ that suit me perfect where I know its "just" a matter of effort and investment of time.  At the end of the day "flop" sends or sends out of the normal grade reach is always possible if the style of the route is a perfect match to my strength as a climber. Thats not the same as being a 8a+ or what ever grade climber.
OffLine Arturas Volkovas
  2011-06-08 18:59:40    
this is not a boulder, more of a boulder route imo.
OffLine DWF
  2011-06-08 20:04:58    
In bouldering this might be a big deal, that I don't know