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Forum: SWE / News / Daniel Woods best day in bouldering; 8C & 8C+ and goes for the sit Login in to contribute
Daniel Woods best day in bouldering; 8C & 8C+ and goes for the sit
OffLine 8a.nu
  2019-01-26 00:00:00    
Daniel Woods is the new 8a ranking game leader after he did Sleepwalker 8C+ and Squoze 8C on the same day, which has never been done before. (c) Kevin Takashi Smith

"Day started out with sending Sleepwalker on my first go after I was warmed up. I didn't take too much energy from this, so decided to try and polish off Squoze as well. I had tried it during my previous trip a couple weeks ago and was close to doing it. Fueled with psyche and adrenaline, I was able to send. This definitely was my best day of bouldering. Not often do you get the chance to send 15 and 16 in the same day.

So how can you be in this record shape?
I feel good right now. No say... just feel motivated haha. Climbing on a bunch of hard boulders for a while will get ya strong.

What about a comeback in Comps?
Well comps these days look like a completely diff sport to actual climbing. Seems you have to be a good coordinated climber rather than just have raw strength. I enjoy watching the comps and have a lot of respect for the athletes that do them, but it is something that I haven't gotten into yet. You have to dedicate a lot of gym time as well to have a chance since there are so many talented comp climbers and I would rather spend more days on the rocks than gym.

What is your spring plans?
Currently I am working to link a three moves 8A+ Sit Sleepwalker. The Sit is logical and completes the whole block and this was Nalle's (Hukkatiaval) original vision. It definitively levels it up. I respect Jimmy's and Nalle's outlook on climbing. They are searching for art pieces.

I leave for Spain Feb 3, stoked on First Round and then go from there. In March I will be in Swiss then April to Finland for Burden of Dreams.
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OffLine Bongowurm
  2019-01-26 17:10:58    
What people are doing these days is unbelievable. Livestream the BoD sessions with vadim!
OffLine ®ents
  2019-01-27 08:47:02    
This could be a world record...