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Forum: SWE / Editorial / 7th Kalymnos topo with 3 400 routes Login in to contribute
7th Kalymnos topo with 3 400 routes
OffLine 8a.nu
  2018-10-07 00:00:00    
Climb Kalymnos has presented a great retrospective of the seven guidebooks that has been published since the first in 2000 with just 200 routes. The 7th edition includes 3 400 routes which is 700 more than the in the 6th edition. Buy it for Euro 45 including a free digital code. "A big part of the proceeds goes back into maintenance and new routing.

Since 2015, the topo is also available through the Vertical-Life App. "If you don’t want the print version of the guidebook, the app is also available as a separate purchase. If you are a first-time app buyer it costs €18; if you have already bought the 2015/16 print edition and downloaded that app version, you can download just the updates for €9."

“It’s funny to say, but it [the Kalymnos guidebook] may seriously be the best guidebook in the world. Thank you for all the hard work in new routing and maintenance!” – Alex Honnold
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OffLine Herman
  2018-10-06 23:37:53    
Hi Jens, Since this post is in your personal section. Can you indicate how much of the €18 goes to the "maintenance and new Routing"? Say I wanted to support the area. could I better buy the guide book or the app?
OnLine Jens Larssen
  2018-10-07 09:34:32    
I know Aris has contributed a lot over the years with maintenance and new routing. I have been at his house and seen bolts all over the place several times. He has never indicated any fix percentage or so for the last 18 years and I do not think there is one. Anyhow, Aris is the one having contributed the most to the development in Kalymnos. If you spend Euro 45 Euro instead of Euro 18 I am sure you support the area more.
OffLine Emanuele Pellizzari
  2018-10-07 17:31:29    
@Herman. If your main topic is to support the area, buy gear by yourself and give it to the many that maintain the routes. The difference between the price of the paper guidebook and the cost of the APP, you buy a reasonable amount of good gear.