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Female Combined Ranking: Top-10 Routes/Boulders last 12 months
1Ascents in last month21 968Off LineMichaela Kiersch1994USAChicago
2 19 222Off LineAlice Hafer (f)1988USA
3Ascents in last month18 675Off LineKatie Lambert (f)1979USAYosemite
4Ascents in last month18 600Off LineMarina Inoue1985USAOn the Road
5 18 440Off LineMallory Joy1990USABoulder
6Ascents in last month18 288Off LineBrittany Goris USASeattle
7Ascents in last month17 618Off LineRachel Stewart1983USASalt Lake City
8 17 601Off LineTara "puntahontas" Kerzhner1986USAYour mother's...
9Ascents in last month16 939Off LineSarah Brengosz1990USASlade
10 15 715Off LineKatherine Butler1990USAAnnapolis
11 15 686Off LineT Tanager USA
12 15 103Off LineBethany Macke (f)1978USAChattanooga
13Ascents in last month15 093Off LineAmanda Anderson1988USAOzarks
14Ascents in last month15 056Off LineJoana Koiller USASan Francisco
15 15 025Off LineMaggie Odette1969USAYour Public Lands
16 15 006Off LineSarah Fenoglio1985USANYC
17 14 956Off LineEmily Mo0/0/USA
18Ascents in last month14 810Off LineMarci Seuferling USABoulder
19Ascents in last month14 763Off LineSara Pax USAHadley, Mass
20Ascents in last month14 601Off LineCiara Rinaudo USASan Francisco
21 14 545Off LineDavita Gurian1993USASeattle
22Ascents in last month13 593Off LineDana Passman1993USAChattanooga
23 13 506Off LineMaya Madere1999USAAustin
24 13 083Off LineMaria Ly1982USASan Francisco
25 12 960Off LineHannah Dwyer USAUndecided
26 12 790Off LineYolanda Chen1981USAKnoxville
27 12 697Off LineKim Parretti1991USAWorcester
28Ascents in last month12 133Off LineStella Mascari1985USAFayetteville, WV
29Ascents in last month11 357Off LineLindsay Wescott1984USABoulder
30 11 302Off LineJulie Machamer1992USAVirginia Beach
31Ascents in last month11 147Off LineRosie Cahoon1980USASalt Lake City
32 11 050Off LineAlex Puccio (f)1989USABoulder
33Ascents in last month10 606Off LineKat Gentry1996USABerkeley
34 10 433Off LineAudrey Sniezek (f)1971USALas Vegas/Seattle
35Ascents in last month10 397Off LineJillian Sompel (f)1989USASacramento
36Ascents in last month10 253Off LineNina Williams (f)1990USABoulder
37Ascents in last month10 234Off LineHeather Weidner (f)1980USABoulder
38 10 149Off LineZoe Ingraham Brown USAFlagstaff
39 10 105Off LineIsabelle Faus1993USA
40Ascents in last month10 103Off LineJuliet Hammer1994USADenver
41Ascents in last month10 045Off LineJasna Hodžić1991USASeattle
42Ascents in last month10 033Off LineSara Violett1988USABend
43 9 984Off LineAllyson Flores USAChattanooga
44 9 950Off LineMolly Mitchell1993USALas Vegas
45 9 785Off LineAnne Kavalerchik1994USAFair Lawn
46 9 690Off LineAnna Manzoni1981USARaleigh
47Ascents in last month9 688Off LineDanielle Maughon1989USAAsheville
48 9 548Off LineColette McInerney (f)1982USANashville
49 9 452Off LineKim Shelton USAATLANTA
50Ascents in last month9 400Off LineAriel Chilton1985USAPortland
51 9 354Off LineIsabelle Gibbs USADetroit
52 9 320Off LineKate Hanniball1990USASalt Lake City
53Ascents in last month9 270Off LineChristie Blackmon1970USABoulder
54 9 240Off LineCallie Callaway1987USABIRMINGHAM
55 9 211Off LineLucy Humphreys1994USAProvidence
56 9 180Off LineEmily Kilmer1989USABoulder
57Ascents in last month9 100Off LineDeb aniel Woods1997USASan Francisco
58Ascents in last month9 033Off LineLindsay Gasch (f)1975USASalt Lake City
59 9 000Off LineHannah Donnelly1997USASacramento
60 9 000Off LineAcire Kcolb USANedlog
61 8 982Off LineBecky Westerinen1993USABaltimore
62 8 888Off LineMichaela Webb1996USASalt Lake City
63 8 850Off LineKatie Malinowski2000USALos Angeles
64 8 845Off LineLyndsey Cutler1992USAChattanooga
65 8 842Off LineRobin McArdel1988USASalt Lake City
66 8 773Off LineThea Wulff2002USALos Angeles
67Ascents in last month8 756Off LineDinah Marcuson2003USALos Angeles
68 8 755Off LineEthel Lee1988USASunnyvale
69Ascents in last month8 716Off LineMaggie Shafer USASt. Paul
70Ascents in last month8 700Off LineAmelia Marcuson2002USALos angeles
71Ascents in last month8 655Off LineCam McKenzie Ring1976USALas Vegas
72 8 600Off LineCaitlin Maloney USASanta Cruz
73 8 551Off LineLila Neahring1993USAStanford
74 8 550Off LineElizabeth Seehr USACharlotte
75 8 508Off LineErica Lineberry1980USACharlotte
76 8 478Off LineKatharina Fritzler1982USALynchburg
77 8 456Off LineTeal Dreher1987USABremerton
78Ascents in last month8 355Off LineKasia Pietras (f)1988USAChattanooga
79Ascents in last month8 353Off LineVanessa Barnett1989USABend
80 8 344Off LineAshley Gann USACarbondale
81 8 326Off LineKristin Baca USALos Angeles
82 8 311Off LineOlivia Pottymouth USAKnoxville, TN
83 8 306Off LineKaitlyn Honnold USAChattanooga
84 8 253Off LineKoti LeFox1979USANorthampton
85 8 200Off LineCloe Coscoy2001USAEl Cerrito
86 8 163Off LineYasmeen Fowler USACincinnati
87 8 097Off LineDa Hui Kim1988USABerkeley
88 8 088Off LineChristina Buquid1987USASalt Lake City
89 8 039Off LineLeah Frazer1979USAKnoxville
90Ascents in last month8 001Off LineJamie Leland1990USAPhoenix
91 7 902Off LineT T USA
92 7 859Off LineSarah Denison-Johnston1996USABerkeley
93Ascents in last month7 858Off LineJordan Zabrecky1997USAChapel Hill
94 7 844Off LineGiant Sydney USAEast Palo Alto
95 7 829Off Linestephanie harrelson1986USAChattanooga
96Ascents in last month7 755Off LineLauren Hollingsworth1982USAColorado Springs
97 7 604Off LineMorgan Gerlitz USAAnn Arbor
98Ascents in last month7 599Off LineElaine Elliott1993USAAtlanta
99 7 500Off LineMochi Zilla1990USALoma Linda
100 7 450Off LineRachel Robinson1989USABirmingham
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