Type Grade Country Crag

Grade  Ascent Crag Date Comment Name
 8a+Monster hotelPlatosi / Platosi2017-10-20  Cristos Daniil
 8A+Appenzeller BiberliMagic Wood2017-10-20 rythmo to riders. feels harder than riders so logic says it is 8B but it doesn't feel like...i have no idea what it is actually Barna Kerenyi
 8A+IsletKeshar e sofla2017-10-20  Masoud Ghasemi
 8APaura e delirio a la speziaBrione2017-10-20  User Deactivated
 8A+Joey joe joe junior shabadooBrione2017-10-20  User Deactivated
 8bDrain the SwampNew River Gorge / D.C. Memorial Boulder2017-10-20 Dan's bolts, crooked Joel Brady's project. You lost Joel, get over it. It's nice to have some class back at Summersville. Milky "Dad-Bod" Williams
 8A+Blade RunnerDevil's Lake2017-10-19 Compression proj just south of Power Bottom Boulder from a sit. Took quite a bit of effort and I am really curious how other taller folks do because I was really extended. A bit harsh on the hands and a bit dabby but a bad ass feature. Psyched. Ian Cotter-Brown
 8a+Le dindon vieillissantMéjannes-le-Clap / Aigle2017-10-19 Jolie petite approche suivie d'une section bien teigneuse dans un petit bombé puis une sortie aérienne sur un pilier à sensations.Bel ensemble.Les bonnes sensations reviennent petit à petit... Christophe Zehani
 8b+DopplegangerEast animas2017-10-18 50+ days, 100+ tries, originally a natural line, then altered by someone that moved away, makes grading it a little more difficult. basically 2 hard sections separated by a horrible rest. Nolan Robertson
 8B+A la Puta RueMargalef / El Laboratori2017-10-18  Anonimus Anonimus
 8AFor Pete's SakeBishop / Buttermilks2017-10-16 Out in the Secrets area. Still waiting on grade confirmation though Itai Axelrad
 8aPepinazo VoladorEntrepeñas / Norte2017-10-15  Paulo Jorge
 8A+???Joe's Valley / Damn Boulders2017-10-15 Line to the right of Last Great One. I'm surprised it hadn't been done before. It's quite good. I'll think of a name eventually Austin Purdy
 8a+No nameRed rocks / crete2017-10-14  Stefanos Papadopoulos
 8ARubberneckFarley2017-10-14 Historic lowball project! I dont know why everyones leaving them all for me to do.. ;). Classic farley power/tech with lots of flipping and micro beta. Kai Teener
 8b+ETAlbenga / Astronave2017-10-14 Corta ma non cortissima Matteo Gambaro
 8B+PučmelounMoravský kras / Sloup2017-10-14 Sit to be done Adam Ondra
 8aLa ruta del bacalaoCortes de Pallás / Ruta del bacalao2017-10-14 La ruta del exceso pasa por el Bananas ;) día muy productivo equipando y escalando con el Bananas. Renaud Moulin
 8CVrtuleHolstejn2017-10-13 8C/C+ brutally powerful, 4 days Adam Ondra
 8bLas teorías de LechugaCortes de Pallás / Bóveda2017-10-13 Planchón de resi. Me hizo apretar y chillar bastante, muy contento! Renaud Moulin
 8a+Hot For TeacherRifle / Bauhaus2017-10-12 This 60-foot extension to School of Rök tackles the huge roof system on the left side of the Bauhaus. Hanging dihedrals and complex geometry define this 40-meter core-blasting journey. My best guess on the grade. Could be harder. Chris Weidner
 8bRockyGeyik bayiri / esek uctu2017-10-12  Tobias Haug
 8a+New BeginningsSchlossbergwand/ Allgäu / Hauptwand2017-10-12 Startet rechts vom Vorsprung mit einem harten Boulder und quert noch zum Umlenker von Wintereinbruch bekommt aber bald einen eigenen Umlenker Markus Pracht
 8CThe Outer LimitsDonner summit / Boreal2017-10-11 Yesssss! What a stunning line.. 17 moves of power endurance climbing lands you at the headwall at around 18ft. After a 7B+ lip encounter you tackle another 20 feet of moderate climbing to the top. Feels good to finish this one off. Absolutely loving Tahoe! James Webb
 8bMissCevio / Goldenschaur2017-10-09 Una vera Miss anche se un po' zoccola visto che me l'ha data subito... Gran bel tiro, tecnico, prese buone ma belle distanti..entrata morpho! Grazie Egon! Vonarburg Nicola
 8aBoulder violentB.2017-10-09 Viote de Nando! Renaud Moulin
 8b+Goldener OktoberKochel / Afrikawand2017-10-08 Quite squeezed in, but the climbing is really fun :-) 8b+ or 8b+/c; Start with Steckbrett up to the mono, cross over into Russians but don't take the pocket but the sidepull right of it and finish over the golden bolts at the ancors of xmas Christian Münch
 8bPodkobluchnikMargalef / Cingles del torroner2017-10-08  Gonzalo Larrocha
 8bSex on fireMargalef / Cingles del torroner2017-10-08  Gonzalo Larrocha
 8aEl purismo me da lo mismoMargalef / Cingles del torroner2017-10-08  Gonzalo Larrocha
 8a+OrangutanPalava / Obri kamen2017-10-08 climbed as sitstart, left variant of Cvicena Opice, till the join point 7A+ and then whole problem of Cvicena opice, https://vimeo.com/237313035?utm_source=email&utm_medium=vimeo-cliptranscode-201504&utm_campaign=28749 Gustavo Chimera
 8CDriftHolstejn2017-10-08 hard and fun problem Adam Ondra
 8A+MuskulatikHolstejn2017-10-08 one mover into easier finish Adam Ondra
 8A+País das MinaCocalzinho / Eco Vila2017-10-08 bonito por natureza saindo das invertidas lá do fundo, 2 moves a mais classicoss! Valeuu gatounaa !! foi só conjurar o nome das monstra ashima e margo que saiu a cadena haha Rodrigo Cesar
 8A+Feio pra caralhoCocalzinho / Ecovila2017-10-08 Sds do Mais que Beleza. Saindo das invertidas Linha Alexandre Paranhos
 8AL'amico e lo sboroneValle Gesso / Terme2017-10-08  Andrea Tallone
 8A+OrcristFlagstaff Hinterlands / Relic Roof2017-10-07 Biter. Goblin Cleaver Matt Gentile
 8ABergstationAhedo2017-10-07 7c+? 8a? Javier Meng
 8A+Steel Cage RematchBunker Creek2017-10-07 Flash flooding following the Brian Head fire revealed a lower start to the amazing Steel Cage Death Match. Definitely a team effort to get this thing ready to rumble. Casey Webb
 8aLa falce e le betulleValle dell'orco / Parete dell'Acqua Chiara2017-10-07 (7a+,6c,6c,6b,8a,4c) Bella via anche se dall'etica decisamente discutibile visto che il primo e il terzo tiro hanno delle prese scavate e incollate e diversi spit inutili vicino a fessure perfette... il penultimo tiro è però strepitoso, tutto naturale e vale davvero la via, ben spittato ma con difficili movimenti di equilibrio e resistenza!! Micky Mad
 8B+Minorenni CorazzateChamporcher2017-10-07  Gabriele Moroni
 8A+Il Pelato di BrazzersChamporcher2017-10-07  Gabriele Moroni
 8aA knife in the darkHöllental / Schattenreich2017-10-05 Such an amazing line. Bolted it 2 months ago and finally sent it today Really small holds an this one. Hard to grade Christoph Detschmann
 9aMonkey LineZillertal / Monkey Island2017-10-05 :-)! Matthias Schiestl
 8A+The Full FeatherFarley2017-10-05 Most spooky solo sesh climbing i've done. Extremely happy I didn't backflop.. Maybe not too crazy "hard" but seems very "hard to do" because of low percentage-ness and fear factor. Happy! Kai Teener
 8A+Snow QueenMt Charleston / Yeti2017-10-05 start on the "Yeti" and join "Princess and the Pea". adds a V8 intro. surprisingly, didn't feel much more difficult than "P and the P". 20 moves out the roof to gain jug and then top out the mini cliff. super fun 3D climbing. excited to spend more time with the family! Craig Berman
 8aAstromanticoFin del mundo2017-10-04 de hace 2 años o así, la equipe Rafa Fanega
 8AComittedMagic Wood2017-10-04 same as Syked but continues to the right under the tree then topout. hopefully there's a short men's beta as well as it is quite morpho at the end. used a kneepad (special thanks to Alex Puccio!!!). without one it is harder for sure. ~40 moves Barna Kerenyi
 8aArbeidslystFrigården2017-10-03  Gudmund Grønhaug
 8A+RagerLeavenworth2017-10-03 Psyched to get the FA of this road side power problem. Down by the river across the street from the Torture Chamber. Ben Herrington
 8aCloak and DaggerClassified2017-10-02 Felt good to put this one to rest. Bolted it before I left for Europe, and just couldn't take it down in the heat. The dyno to the chains felt badass on the go! Sean Stone
 8aA New HopeBlue mountains / Boronia Point2017-10-02 A new start and A New Hope. New start climbed to the top via "Mudeye" Crux but finished direct via the bolt for Onions extension. Stuart Simons
 8AKill Whitey Volume IIGunks / Peterskill2017-10-02 Temporary name, maybe. v12, maybe. But mostly due to humidity and warm weather, maybe. Mike McCracken
 8a+La deca-danceLungaserra / Torre Bianca2017-10-01  Pietro Radassao
 8bTa mère sur ma mèche de 15Col du marocaz2017-10-01 La voie de Nico juste à droite de "Ta mère sur un spit de 8". Dur sur un mono...Il faut aller jusqu'en haut, le premier relais n'est pas trop justifié car la L2 ne change pas la côte. Mathieu Bouyoud
 8A+A revancheCocalzinho / Pista2017-10-01 À esquerda do Linha. Sai com a mão esquerda no agarrão e mão direita no bico e vai em direção a aresta. Linha Alexandre Paranhos
 8cSvet FavoraLietlahti Park2017-10-01  Alexey Rubtsov
 8AMedveďMakita2017-10-01 Pure bouldering :) Stepan Stráník
 8aRuanoEl Doctor / El rincón de la leyenda2017-10-01  Ahuitz Rodríguez
 8cDigitalMéjannes- le-Clap / L'aigle2017-10-01 Classe , à doigts ,dévers , bloc , rési courte , exigeant et naturelle.La voisine de gauche de "la vie de château" équipée en équipe avec Jean-Marc et mon père (mes premiers points posés..).6 essais. Loic Zehani
 8a+Heart of the Meatball traverseSailing Hawks / Keystone2017-10-01 Starting on recession or depression and going straight right through a v9 crux into a 5.12+ sloping endurance rail. Nolan Robertson
 8A+Americas most wantedDonner summit2017-10-01  James Webb
 8A+Mil e Uma NoitesFloresta Encantada2017-09-30 uma pintura! Drop knee clássico! Felipe Ho Foganholo
 8aLaaLeeLuuReutte / Brunstgratwand2017-09-30 30 m lange Felsfahrt mit mehreren Boulderpassagen die nach obenhin immer fuchsiger werden. Pille HRT
 8cMonogamieFrankenjura / Jungfernriss2017-09-30 FA left of "Flachzange", hard to grade because it's only one move Moritz Welt
 8bFight ClubLogan Canyon / China Cave2017-09-29 Psyched! The Big Brawl into the Monk finish. The cleanest verson of the line,. Maggie Odette
 8APázmándi körPázmánd2017-09-29 Egy jó kis kunszt :) Tamás Zupán
 8A+AcademiaDonner summit2017-09-29 Labeled in the book as the school rock arete project. 8 or so moves of sustained compression. Slopes for the right and crimps for the left. Sick one! James Webb
 8a+Shut up and Jump - unten langZiegelhausen2017-09-28 Nach 2 Jahren und einigen ganz knappen Versuchen hat endlich alles gepasst. Eric Somitsch
 8a+BankrollaBlue mountains / Banksy2017-09-27 Pulled it out just as the sun was hitting the wall. Grade is just my best guess comparing with some similar things recently. Kneebars, tricky grips and tension bouldering. The "Dark Energy" of Banksy. 5 or 6 days. Lee Cujes
 8AMoonlightThe Spill2017-09-27 Psyched to get the FA of this road side beauty. It has one of the most technical toe hooks on it. Ben Herrington
 8BCave DwellerGrampians / Hollow mountain cave2017-09-26 Whoop! spied this out last trip and worked out the linking moves then took it down this trip. Starts cave girl then bust stright into the jugs before the crux of cave bitch. Fell from pump on the last move more times than i care to admit. Oopens the possibility for 'the big wheel'. Michael Tonon
 8aDracarysFoz de zafrané / Cueva2017-09-26 Ruton de Oscar!!! Va a ser la clásica de las clásicas...35 metros de pura conti... Gracias por dejarme hacer la primera de esta joya¡¡ Samu Vidal
 8b+FlashbackCuenca / cueva de la zarza2017-09-26 pepinaco reconvertído /recuperado del olvido de Josete Rafa Fanega
 8a+Apodrasi ext..Platosi / Spilia Chasias2017-09-26 5tries.. Cristos Daniil
 8b+LegendaFontany2017-09-26  Evgeniy Ekimov
 8c+Hias-LineZillertal / Monkey Island2017-09-26 8c+/9a hardest FA for me to date. Bouldery Start, to a good rest and 8a+ finish, fell once two weeks ago at the top. Super Happy about this route!! Matthias Schiestl
 8bPunkarritaVillanueva del Rosario / Chilam2017-09-24 Combo, combo, combo Carlos Jiménez Muñoz
 8a+Las furiasEl salto / la cueva del tecolote2017-09-24 parecería que alguien armo un boulder en el gimnasio, excelente secuencia entre slopers, crimps y pinzas. un perfecto ejemplar de boulder largo (con cuerda) Ricardo Vara
 8aRizando la involucionFin del mundo2017-09-24 Un combo muy chulo que comienza en la rizando el rizo y cuando la vía cruza la involucion continúa por ella Jacobo Rossignoli
 8cLe mur des mollahsOrgon / La bergerie2017-09-23 23 mouvements de rési/force assez à doigts avec un changement de mains abo.Encore une voie à Bébert. Loic Zehani
 8cThe Magician's ApprenticePlanet X2017-09-23 Takes the overhanging blank looking section between Sticky Buns and The Illusionist. I had wondered if this part of the wall would go years ago and thought it was too blank. Turns out there are holds and with some intricate beta, actually not that hard! Fun times bolting with Josh Brennan and we even got a cool 11c intro pitch out of it too! Evan Hau
 8a+Ground ZeroLabské Údolí2017-09-21 SV:RP Xc oder 8a+. Vom 3.Bh 11.September gerade Bh zu UH. Konrad Schlenkrich
 8a+Suck my plazentaBanja Luka / Kamen Most2017-09-20 Bolted this line last year . Only line on the small arch. Could be easier. Peter Schwamberger
 8aLa gran paellaCuenca / cueva de la zarza2017-09-20 otra abandonada que quedaba Rafa Fanega
 8A+Swiss policeVal Calanca2017-09-19  Alexey Rubtsov
 8aHigh Jump ContestKyparissi / Vlychada2017-09-19  Michael Schreiber
 8a+SilberblickKyparissi / Vlychada2017-09-19  Michael Schreiber
 8AVenom HouseNew Rock York / New Rock York2017-09-18 pasos super raros, vi un cien pies en lo tranquis y una araña super gigante, empiezas derecha al fondo del techito e izquierda en el bueno y t vas izquierda al lateral y sales por la izquierda entre las rocas Hiram Hafid
 8a+Complices del malCuenca / portero de noche2017-09-18 roca perfecta Rafa Fanega
 8aBængshotUrdviki2017-09-17 Erru hypp på å bli skækk elle’? Andre etasje over Bolterisset. Bratt og pumpende. 40m Pål Aarø-Stillesby
 8ARacha CucaSerra do Cipó / Rock Master / 452017-09-17 extensão do quebra-cabeça; 4 dias pra conseguir adaptar e passar os 35 movs com um v9 no final Gustavo Fontes
 8AFlying DutchmanBrione / Black Pearl2017-09-17 did a "variant to Black Pearl" the same start and on the big hold go right, and finish with a big move to the edge-FA? a bit harder than original.  Paweł Jelonek
 9aHelloHell2017-09-17 Hell is project free!!! Adam Ondra
 8ABaboons ApprenticeRocklands / Baboons Buttress2017-09-17  Toby Saxton
 8ASarlo akrobataJelasnica2017-09-17 (Guidebook S5, B9, 1) Would love to see some strong climbers on it 'cause my grade is just a shot in the dark. I have no idea how hard this is. Miloš Puletić Pulta
 8aCulo grasaCuenca / cueva de la zarza2017-09-16 estaba sin hacer, la secuencia es guapisima Rafa Fanega
 8A+BlackbirdLierganes2017-09-16 Antiguo rodarán teckels. Se rompió una regle y ahora mucho más tenso. Me sorprendió unir todo. Ahora sit, que le mete 10 muvis de 7b+/c Javier Meng
 8ABefore the FallHoly Cross Wilderness2017-09-16 Amazing crimps up a perfect 40 degree overhang. Ryan Silven
 8aRomancing the StoneLion's head / Thor area2017-09-16 Unsure on grade. 13- likely. Either way, it was a fun journey. Powerful down low, techy dihedral leads to a cool finish. Have fun kids Michel Penney