Type Grade Country Crag

Grade  Ascent Crag Date Comment Name
 8a+Ça beau le libreMonistrol d'Allier / les cochons2017-08-18 Début dans "ça beau combien ?" et sortie au relais du 7b à droite.Jolie et avec les 2 points en + de Thomas on peut traverser tout le secteur par le haut. Loic Zehani
 8bÇa beau le libre (intégrale)Monistrol d'Allier / les cochons2017-08-18 Super diagonale qui démarre dans "Human pad" et sort completement à droite dans le 7b "sabot forcé" grace aux 2 points rajoutés par Thomas pour traverser par le haut.Les locaux auront de quoi s'occuper.La + longue du secteur. Loic Zehani
 8bÇa beau combien ?Monistrol d'Allier / Les cochons2017-08-17 Equipée hier par Jean-Marc , voici un joli cadeau pour les locaux.Un cadeau pas facile avec une section tres bloc mais c'est une voie tres jolie.A droite de "Human Pad".Cota à confirmer. Loic Zehani
 8a+Kung Fu PandaLogan Canyon / China Cave2017-08-16 blank out 2 monk Chuck Odette
 8aKruchy dom duszyKarlin / Biały Kamień2017-08-16 Nowość wiedzie filarkiem na lewo od Depresji Maniakalnej i częściowo, wspólnym z nią terenem. Na trudności składają się dwa baldy, przedzielone restem. Oferuje bardzo fajne ruszki, szczególnie w pierwszym cruxie. Propozycja wyceny: VI.5/5+ Marcin Wszolek
 9aIron MoonFrosolone / Blocco O2017-08-16 8c+/9a Pietro Radassao
 8aKruchy dom duszyKarlin / Biały Kamień2017-08-16 Nowość wiedzie filarkiem na lewo od Depresji Maniakalnej i częściowo wiedzie wspólnym z nią terenem. Na trudności składają się dwa baldy, przedzielone restem. Oferuje bardzo fajne ruszki, szczególnie w pierwszym cruxie. Propozycja wyceny: VI.5/5+ Marcin Wszolek
 8ANon sono un numeroVal daone / la plana2017-08-16 nice 2 moves little bastard, surrounded by fresh air from the underground Valdo Chilese
 9a+Honour and GloryEcho Canyon / The Coliseum2017-08-15 Can't believe it's done!!! What an incredible journey! After chasing this grade for years I knew the only way I could get it done was to find and bolt one at home in The Bow Valley, Canada. It took many trips to Europe to try various routes of this grade and understand what I was looking for. At last I was able to find a completely independent line at the perfect difficulty at a cliff I already frequented anyway! I started bolting this route 16 months ago last April and tried to get on it as much as possible since then, pretty much 12 out of the last 16 month it's been climbable. In the cold, in the hot, wet, whatever. Today was incredible. Amazing conditions, I felt tired on the warmup so I didn't really think I had a shot, but maybe that took some of the pressure off. I passed my highpoint and then I didn't fall off the final move like I thought I would. STOKED!! About the grade: It feels on par with the few 9a+s I've tried in Europe and definitely harder than any 9a I've been on so I'm going with 9a+. This is my first of the grade and a lifetime goal for sure. Evan Hau
 8a+Ravaillac et les fous AllierMonistrol d'Allier / les cochons2017-08-15 Tres belle ligne avec pour démarrer le départ bloc de Nathan puis on termine par la diagonale des fous alliers.Sous la pluie pour finir une journée bien remplie... Loic Zehani
 8aMacchiatoAlbenga / Caffetteria2017-08-15 Ancora un bel torello questo settore non più dimenticato.. Matteo Gambaro
 8ACome un pesce fuor d'acquaVal daone / Atlantide2017-08-15 Slopers in daone?! :-0 Marco Erspamer
 8bGS Playground Traverse, Sub 30 second timeGovernor Stable / Playground2017-08-14 3 year project! Leave for Utah in two days ! Eric Jerome
 8APrevolutionFlirsch2017-08-14 same starting moves as ''viva la evolution" to the two good sidepulls, then big moves lead right into the dihedral and finishes off via the big flake and the no hand ledge further right to the edge and tops out! basically the easiest way up and such a sick problem! maybe it's possible to sneak low right into the dihedral but shouldn't make things easier.. also did a direct sit start of the dihedral ~7C. starts with the right hand on a shoulder crimp and left hand low on the edge Bernhard Senn
 8ACoração de VagabundoCocalzinho / Setor da Banca / Saci2017-08-14 Pureza do gueto, highball finesse. Sds futuristico. Presente de dia dos pais Eric Yin
 8a+Poslední výzvaŠtramberk / Dallas2017-08-13  Štěpán Volf
 8bBen-HurGruta de Passa Vinte / Chegada2017-08-13 Via 5 estrelas no setor vertical da chegada da Gruta. Via complexa com movimentação incrível. Rocha de muita qualidade com buracos, abaolados e pinças macias. Foram algumas dezenas de entradas para tirar os microbetas. Final emocionante com um dinâmico para chegar na parada. Juliano Magalhães
 8a+Burn out hardMartell2017-08-13  Daniel Tavernini
 8a+Space OddityMuro dell'ilex / 22017-08-12 Grado da confermare (Ground Control to Major Tom Ground Control to Major Tom Take your protein pills and put your helmet on Ground Control to Major Tom (Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six) Beppe Castellini
 8c+Aurora 2.0Bosco Verde2017-08-12  Matteo Menardi
 8a+Tworzywo SztuczneCzarnorzeki / Kamieniec2017-08-12 8a? Jacek Trzemzalski
 8bRatataEnnstal / Hintsteinmauer2017-08-12 8b/8b+ ? Altes Projekt rechts vom Pornojäger Martin Berger
 8ATeenage WastelandHagerman Pass / Marsh Boulders2017-08-12 Another multi-season project goes down! The giant refrigerator block - maybe the raddest line that's been done at Hagerman. Christopher Barlow
 8ACharlie Don't SurfTuolumne Meadows / Battle Tanks2017-08-12 Heavy Artillery -> Charlie Couldn't Do It. Silly link up; good training for Art of War as you do the hard moves to establish on the same start hold but go up instead of right to Big Guns. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1lc4rqh7ZU Matthew Pound
 8cPut out to PastureWild Iris2017-08-12  BJ Tilden
 8bSaparaBavella / Mescaline2017-08-11 Sacré intensité, gestuelle de fou, complètement majeur!!! un soir de grosse colante, entre 3 chignoles Adrien Boulon
 8aLe rebutLes Rigauds2017-08-10 bloc Mathieu Bouyoud
 8aA tous les j'sais pasLes Rigauds2017-08-10 bloc Mathieu Bouyoud
 8bFollet tortugaRodellar2017-08-10 Dios mio pero que apretón!! Con la temperatura de hoy te quedabas pegadisimo. Vía nueva en el vaso muy a bloque. Siguientes repetidored dirán, creo que rondara el 8b o 8a+, por lo que se convierte en mi vía mas dura a vista!! Jorge Diaz-rullo
 8b+Bulletproof MonkLogan Canyon / China Cave2017-08-09 Linked Shaolin into the Monk finish. soooooo good... sooooo pumpped! still pumped a day latter :) Chuck Odette
 8aPlastic surgeryHnappavellir / Salthöfði2017-08-08 35 meter long. It needed a lot of cleaning so that why the name. Climbs really good! Mathieu Ceron
 8a+SerendipiaBerga / Corbera2017-08-08  Àlex Hernández
 8bLinaFüssen / PS. NW.2017-08-08 Mein Highlight, nicht nur an der Pilgerschrofen Nordwand. Technisch anspruchsvoll und ausdauernd! 30 Meter. Pille HRT
 8bSnakeLaboratorio St.Vigil2017-08-08  Elias Dagai
 8AImagineGottardo2017-08-07 one of the most amazing lines in the world Giuliano Cameroni
 8cArmonia e Caos??2017-08-07 Complete route: Powerful, fingery and technical at the same time. Good fight! Luca Bana
 8aEstaticaBerga / La Placeta2017-08-07  Àlex Hernández
 8BLe ChevaletVal-David / Les Dames2017-08-07 Val-David's first V13! The infamous Crazy Belly Direct Project. I've work this line on and off for the past 6 years. Same start has Crazy Carpet and make a long deadpoint to the horrible slopers and dyno to the finishing hold of La traversée. Hard boulder to grade, I think if you're short it's going to feel hard V13 and for taller players it will probably feel around V12/13. Yves Gravelle
 8bJuste une touchetteLa grotte des eaux mortes2017-08-06 Pur plafond les pieds devant. Bien classe les gros trous de sortie. Mathieu Bouyoud
 9aFlammen InutiFlatanger2017-08-06 suprisingly good addition to the cave. Start like Elden Inuti, before the last bolt of the first pitch keep going right and low. Then join Halibut. With the anchor at the first pitch of Elden Inuti 8c+/9a. Adam Ondra
 8A+Negative Vibration SDSItajubá / pedra da piedade2017-08-06 boulder SOBERBO... talvez o mais incrível que ja escalei/limpei na vida... a 2 anos atrás não consegui isolar... dessa vez, saiu no segundo dia... Agarras 100% sólidas e "grandes", movimentos dinâmicos no boulder inteiro, e muito power endurance pra atravessar todo o negativo... linha reta, e CLÁSSICA... pode ser um v11 HARD, mas vou deixar ai pra galera motivar.. Lucas Trotta
 8aBlack crackHnappavellir2017-08-03 Cool compression line! Mathieu Ceron
 8A+Chasing the DragonRMNP2017-08-03 Jamie's Dead Bear Project. One of the best. Kyle Hilton
 8cJackie ChanBahchisaraj2017-08-03 Портал открыт. video Evgeniy Ekimov
 8A+Sangue bomSabará / Pena de Ganço2017-08-02 sai da mesma saída do pena de ganço e entra no sangue frio,que ja é hard dae acho que quem entrar a primeira vez vindo de baixo vai achar v12 mesmo, grau a confirmar Frederico Gonçalves
 8A+Sangue puroSabará / Pena de Ganço2017-08-02 Esse que é realmente a linha mas pura do bloco sai sentadão e tapanca, antes de entrar no sangue frio, realmente não sei quanto ao grau mas naõ podia ficar o mesmo que o de cima porque se não ninquém entra no de baixo e esse merece era o verdadeiro projeto nosso a muito tempo v12 dos local! agora saiu a cadena e é isso mesmo! valeu Ad, Pablo, Dani´s e Paulinho!! Frederico Gonçalves
 8a+AdrinalinaHuermeces2017-08-02  Miguel Hernando
 8b+Black MagicKazikli ali2017-08-02 Cool dyno at the end of roof part, love it. Not sure about grade? Similar like Polli amor Mumin Karabas
 8aDal triciclo alla biciCamaiore / Caianificio2017-08-01 Linea 5stelle firmata R.Vigiani Matteo Gambaro
 8a+Astronomical navigationSunbilla / Untzaleku2017-08-01 Nik irekia. Tallatu dudan lehena eta azkena Lander Larrañaga
 9aLa minute de résiLourdes / Stand de tir2017-08-01 Départ dans la minute çà traverse à gauche dans les réglettes et fini dans le 8a+ de gauche. 40 mouvs de rési sur petite prise avec un repos au début de la voie. Je propose 9a. Surement pas un gros mais ç'est la voie qui m'a pris le plus de temps. Thibault Lair
 8CHazel GraceGottardo2017-08-01  Giuliano Cameroni
 8ASilenceGottardo2017-08-01 low logical start of pane e cioccolato Giuliano Cameroni
 8BUppercut ConnectionParisella's Cave2017-08-01 Debated the grade for a while, in terms of long links in the cave It's in my eyes definitely a grade harder than all the 'In' Links and quite a bit harder than greenheart Connection. Only really used it as a training link but it's really good climbing, looking forward to someone getting on it. Jack Palmieri
 8bArte modernoCuenca / primate2017-07-30 muy buena via de Tato Rafa Fanega
 8bIPhone crashGorges du Cé2017-07-30  Baptiste Dherbilly
 8aItinéraire d'un grimpeur blaséLa grotte des eaux mortes2017-07-30 belle ligne physique... juste à droite du nouveau 6c et du 7a Mathieu Bouyoud
 8AAthenaGrampians / Lower Taipan2017-07-29 Contains an awesome shoulder press off a pocket. Quite sustained. Blake Wardell
 8bSarder, c'est plus de notre âgeSt Antonin / Manjo Carn north face2017-07-29 Connection (maybe more logical than the original) between "l'été sardé" (until the last bolt) and "c'est plus...". Of course, grade to be confirmed and a crag which would deserve more visits... Frederic Barbiero
 8AVtora cedka sdsRila Monastery / Mosta2017-07-29  Emiliyan Kolevski
 8b+The Golden ChildLogan Canyon / China Cave2017-07-28 shaolin to floodfest, my new favorite line in china cave :) Chuck Odette
 8BKeen SympathiserPeak District / Raven Tor2017-07-27 Links keen roof into sympathy in choice. Thought it'd be a siege again but after warming up, trying moves it went first go! Orrin Coley
 8aHai capito che aria tiraCamaiore / Grotta all'ombra2017-07-27 L1 Matteo Gambaro
 8bDiabolinaJastrzebnik2017-07-27 Start Aleją Zasłużonych, trawers w lewo do Filarka Zapomnienia. Ciekawe i ciągowe wspinanie . Dla mnie trudniejsze niż Filarek więc daję 6.6 Przemek Mizera
 8aLamaRudawy / Fajka2017-07-27 Fa 6.5+ Jakub Wrzesieñ
 8c+The Right of SpringFlatanger2017-07-26 Extended project by Laurent Laporte finished by Erik Grandelius. Amazing 45m line with a hard crux halfway up. Adam Ondra
 8BCarta na MangaCocalzinho / Mesa2017-07-26 Ahaaaaaaa! Finalmente!!! Duro esse!! Achei q seria v12 mas ralei demasia! deixa V13 ate maiores confirmações!!! Valeu Coclimbers!!! Ihuuuuuu Rafael Passos
 8A+LeonRocklands / The Coop2017-07-25 Just infront of the beaten path. Strts on an obvious jug, camous up to a good hold and travers right on small crimps. Happy birtday brother! Alex Khazanov
 8aFriedl robs ex liMartell2017-07-25  Daniel Tavernini
 8A+Love GalaxyRocklands / 8 Day Rain2017-07-25 The longest I've spent on a dyno FA. Like a harder but less sharp Black Velvet. Like 20m from Taboo Mattias Braach-Maksvytis
 8b+Menta-LuisaTorcal de Antequera / Fraile2017-07-24 Conexión entre menta poleo y hierba Luisa Luis Rodriguez martin
 8ASketch ArtistRocklands / The Outback2017-07-24 The biggest bulge in the main sector. Cheers for the spots, pads, n psych guys! Mattias Braach-Maksvytis
 8A+GideonCocalzinho / Enforcados2017-07-24 Pinoquio V6 + Gepeto V11. Sem a vibe dos irmãos jamais conseguiria. Agora é vir voltando pelo Jiminy Cricket. Noite magica. Galera do Sai da Toca presente. Eric Yin
 8a???Margalef / cingles del torroner2017-07-23 passos llarguets i algun mono.. Oriol Salvado
 8bCourt toit et rustre à la foisCrégols / Moulin des pauvres2017-07-23 Ouf! Beaucoup de temps à comprendre comment passer le toit. Ce n'est pas forceux, mais plutôt ultra à méthode. A mon avis, tu fais moins d'1m75, tu vas souffrir. Et puis le bas est bien à doigt. Très original! Avec Tof et ma Shoune! 627 eme François Tournois
 8BBulge right of night showRocklands / the coop2017-07-22 grade a guess. hard heel move. n f
 8aEl narco de la sikaCuenca / alfar2017-07-22 en 2007 equipe esta vía... Rafa Fanega
 8a+JawaAlbenga / Caffetteria2017-07-22 Variante di arabica 8a/+ Matteo Gambaro
 8BPumpeetowMagic Wood2017-07-21 Yamannn, finally it is f*ckin done!!;) Two years ago Ferdinand Nagy aka Nándi came up with the idea of linking these two beauties, Riders on the Storm and Rhythmo.Yesterday I was able to open it finally! In my opinion it is harder than Steppenwolf, Deep Throat or Riders...recommended for nonflexible dudes who suck the high heelhook on the sraight up one;) Barna Kerenyi
 8A+Mivan Grubnah??!Greenwall2017-07-21 Yihaaaa! 90 moves endurance testpiece. ~6C+/7B/7A/7A/7B+ .Consolation price after a rather unlucky Magic Wood trip. Training mode ON until the next one! next aim is connecting it to "Mivan Georg??!" Ferdinand Nagy
 8b+Rocket 13Donner summit2017-07-20 Rocket Science into Apollo 13. Lots of small holds. Alan Moore
 8b100% en vacanceLes Rigauds2017-07-19 A méthodes pas si simple... Mathieu Bouyoud
 8cDe battre mon coeur s'est arrêtéFaron nord / Concession2017-07-19 Je crois que c'est la première ascension. Pour la cotation je dirais petit 8c. La voie peut paraitre relativement abordable à la première montée mais l'empilage d'un début à calage et d'une section de bloc brutale rend l'enchaînement difficile. Merci à Théo d'avoir partager les méthodes et à Val de m'avoir assuré le jour de la croix Manu Lopez
 8b+Polli amorKazikli ali2017-07-19 Hardcore boulder problem over the roof. Not sure about grade? Mumin Karabas
 8aCara chisteCuenca / primate2017-07-18 muy buena vía de Tato Rafa Fanega
 8b+Princess of PersiaKazikli ali2017-07-18 Super nice endurance climbing on the vertical wall. Not sure about grade? Mumin Karabas
 8bDead people are looking at youFrankenjura / Schiefer Tod2017-07-18 Super nice!! This climb is amazing and combines "Totgesagte leben länger" and "He is looking at you, kid"! You climb 8a+ into a good rest and then after the next quickdraw into the steep wall to the left and "He is looking at you.." to the top. https://vimeo.com/226000685 Kevin Schatz
 8aBomba mágicaTorcal de Antequera / Fraile2017-07-17 Equipada por Ruben, muy guapa Luis Rodriguez martin
 8BThe pirates codeThree corners2017-07-17 so good! cannnnott wait for next year for the low start! :) Paul Robinson
 8aHonigjägerHohe Wand / Große Klause2017-07-17 harte Boulderstelle rund um eine kleine scharfe Leiste. Wohl auch etwas größenabhängig. Jedenfalls eine lohnende Tour Valentin Sattek
 8AAttack on TitanMt Evans / Lincoln lake2017-07-17 Rad new one 25 yds opposite of Exfoliator, topped it on the quick in freak 40 degree conditions then went back the next day and couldn't repeat it in the heat, dunno on the grade but amazing boulder regardless! Landing is discouraging but surprisingly manageable Nick Chavis
 8bTiananmenLogan Canyon / China Cave2017-07-17 shaolin to moratorium Chuck Odette
 8bDie Kleinen weinenFrankenjura / illafels2017-07-16 Start Berlin Calling oder Paul Kalkbrenner... bevor man richtung Block klettert an neuem Zwischenhaken nach links in den Ringbandschoner und diesen gerade hoch über Lutscher austeigen....***** H K
 8a+Never Ring the BellReutte / Weisswand2017-07-16 Glockenboulder und dann Ausstieg über Never make... Markus Pracht
 8bLa PuterieBavella / 3G2017-07-16 comme son nom l'indique... la dernière en stand by qu'il me restait sur le secteur. un 7c voie, suivie d'un gros pas de bloc dans une fissure toute évasée, abo a verrouiller, de l'horlogerie fine :), difficilement cotable, une quinzaine de runs Adrien Boulon
 8cOnixINM Secret Spot2017-07-16 Il pannello perfetto, 100% il mio stile... Un grazie particolare a Marco per il grande lavoro e ad Anna per l'energia positiva... Sul grado poi stiamo a vedere, magari "solo" 8b+ ma nulla toglie... Vonarburg Nicola
 8aIl marchio del condor??2017-07-16 Technical and fingery route with beautiful moves. Luca Bana
 8a+Palo SantoGruta de Passa Vinte2017-07-16 Via nova entre a Fela e a Left. Pressão do começo ao fim. Juliano Magalhães
 8a+When We Were KingsHagerman Pass / The King2017-07-16 The mega line on this crag - so kind of Adrian to let me climb it. I was convinced I was falling off for much of the top. While any move harder than 11a has a bolt nearby, this route requires trad skills and a trad head. Christopher Barlow
 8bAspettando l'aereoplanoBismantova / Moby dick2017-07-16 Connessione tra aspettando manolo e l'aereoplano,ottima come allenamento per la resistenza alla forza,mezzo grado più facile dell'aereoplano Nicolò Ventura