Type Grade Country Crag

Grade  Ascent Crag Date Comment Name
 8cSponzorska plataVrulja2017-12-14 My first route ever bolted! Martin Bergant
 8c+Obergin ext..plus..Spilia Roussou / Spilia roussou2017-12-13  Cristos Daniil
 8bZaykaMargalef / Cingles del torroner2017-12-12  Anonimus Anonimus
 8BScream About the ObviousLand of Oz2017-12-11 very cool boulder out in the middle of no where. Could be 8A+ but ended up taking a lot of sessions. either way, an awesome addition to the Oz. BJ Tilden
 8aLa rubia retroTuron2017-12-10 Extension de un 7c , placuneo. Carlos Jiménez Muñoz
 8b+GadoArco / Epic Colt2017-12-09 Lungo e complesso muro con appigli piccoli, storti e distanti. 8b/+? Marco Manfredini
 8B+The Wheel of FortuneClear Creek Canyon / Nomad Cave2017-12-09 This took an unexpected amount of work. Starts sitting below off the books on a small crimp and jug on the right edge of the roof and climbs through the roof without using the skirt and joins off the books at the crux. Austin Purdy
 8BDelírio de VodkaFloresta Encantada / Miragem2017-12-09  Felipe Ho Foganholo
 8ASurrealismoFloresta Encantada2017-12-09  Felipe Ho Foganholo
 8a+El solitariSadernes / El Que foradat2017-12-09 La línia del sector; estètica i fanàtica. Dos blocs, resis, i final d'aventura jeje, mes fàcil si ets alt i amb flex. Gràcies Ricard, per la via i la motivaciò! Fiz Gomez Gratacos
 8ABlowin' in the windSobrio2017-12-08  Giuliano Cameroni
 8A+Nagotin d'orSobrio2017-12-08  Giuliano Cameroni
 8A100% CHSobrio2017-12-08  Giuliano Cameroni
 8ARabbit sedutoChironico2017-12-08  Giuliano Cameroni
 8a+La infiltradaTuron2017-12-06 Rancia rancia Carlos Jiménez Muñoz
 8A+The Left Hand PathYosemite2017-12-06  M Ario
 8A+Version originale sans trucageBranson2017-12-05  Giuliano Cameroni
 8A+Version originale sans trucageBranson2017-12-05  Giuliano Cameroni
 8bAround MidnightBoulder Canyon / Midnight Rock2017-12-05 A longstanding open project, I'd tried this on and off for a few years. The boulder problem finally came together for me. Slopey and dynamic. [The OCD in me recognizes this as my 100th 13c or harder]. Chris Weidner
 8A+Jack's Broken HeartParisella's Cave2017-12-05 First go but have done all the moves many a time. Original sequence on Broken Heart and no knees on Trigger. Jack Palmieri
 8ABroken Heart - Upper CutParisella's Cave2017-12-05 Possible FA may have been done before. Jack Palmieri
 8a+King MidasCowell / Dreamery2017-12-04 Bolted this thing less than a year and a half ago. Some moves seemed impossible on first inspection. Today it went clean, 100% natural to the top. Literally every session/burn, I got a little further until I fell on the 2nd to last and last move before clipping the anchors. The perfect experience of trying hard and seeing slow progress culminate. The bottom half is 5 star crimp edge climbing for AR standards. After ~25 feet of moderate 5.11 climbing, bust into the thin, blank crux (~7B+) to a good jug rail to shake out. Then commit to the powerful, low percentage sloper (v6) redpoint crux, which I fell at a couple times on RP attempts. Keeps you honest til the end. Awesome features and great movement. Benchmark for the grade in my opinion but time will tell. Jordan TF
 8A+Low right MoffatYosemite2017-12-04 AKA Jerr Bear. Wow, kinda cool to do an FA on one of the more iconic boulders in the world. Starts out right on the perfect campus rung edge and climbs up and left into the Original Moffat start. Pretty damn good! James Webb
 8bKing KongFernsteinsee2017-12-04 Geiles teil, Am ausstieg links bleiben... Stefan Brunner
 8AMr. PCPCowell2017-12-04 I know it’s just a slight variation and doesn’t change the grade but this moderate path of least resistance continues after the jug tooth on PCP where you would originally finish on Buddy which adds several moves and footwork. It isn’t harder moves but I fell twice due to pump/fatigue on a previous session. Feels like a route. Start on Fred’s Roof and finish per Triforce exit. Jordan TF
 8BStar Slinger SitHigh crag2017-12-03 Add quality. Direct Sit (Star power being the LH sit). {FA... I gues but doesn't really feel like one} Daniel Turner
 8bSupersizemeChulilla / Balconcito2017-12-03 R1. La equipe hace casi 2 años y pasó toda la temporada pasada con las columnas chorreando. Que motivación darle con Sebas y compartir encadene el mismo día. Creo que suave en el grado pero bastante más dura que todos los 8a+ que probé aqui, mucha resi tiene. Para quien quiera hasta R2 será sobre 8b+/c. Renaud Moulin
 8B+DreamcatcherPetrohrad2017-12-03 Great campus bouldering, some easier intro into 8A+ one mover. 8B+/C Martin Stráník
 8c+Yala FactorNezer Cave2017-12-03 Amazing project from Ofer on the right side of the cave. He was so close to make FA on this trip, thanks Ofer for letting me try it! One of the best in the cave Adam Ondra
 8c+EskimoMaltatal2017-12-02 What an amazing line. Impossible to grade when freezing...-8 degrees x))) Jernej Kruder
 8ALocked & LoadedSaalachtal2017-12-02  Bernhard Schwaiger
 8A+Collateral ImpactGunks / Trapps2017-12-02 The face across from the Lorax and Lazy Mazie. Crazy tension, toehooks, heel toecams,a stand up stab to a jug undercling, and the strangest finger lock I've done. 6 days, tough! v12/13? Mike McCracken
 8AShell ShockPeters Branch / Turtle Head Boulder2017-12-02 AKA the turtle head proj. Unique style for Petes, 4 hard power moves in a row. Hardest on the cliffline for sure and one of the best anywhere. Nick Chavis
 8aPerestroikaGruta de Passa Vinte2017-12-01 Maratona... 40m vários crux Juliano Magalhães
 8aCorridaÖküzini2017-11-30 25m of cave climbing. old line bolted by nico. 3 days cleaning and 2 days trying. Daniel Schmid
 9aClimb FreeNezer Cave2017-11-30 Israelis first 9a. Left exit of Neo. Just below the crux of Neo head out left, hard 3D climbing boulderproblem at the end of the roof. Adam Ondra
 8cGoldilocksRed River Gorge / Gold Coast2017-11-29 So psyched to put this one up!! My first FA!!! Feels hard.. small holds and low % cruxes. To the right of True Love Michaela Kiersch
 8cObergin ext..Spilia Roussou / Spilia roussou2017-11-29  Cristos Daniil
 8a+XLSantuario2017-11-28 40 metracos de canto, entra X ninfas y sale X Chi. Muy dusfrutona Iris Matamoros Quero
 8a+Abokalypse MeowBok / waterfall2017-11-28 perhaps my best FA. Badass 20ish move section starts the route. mid 512 hero climbing to the top, next to the waterfall the whole way Ry Jo
 8ABeta do OndraCocalzinho / Carrapatos2017-11-27 Tentei esse projeto algumas vezes ha 10 anos atras... to bom voltar pra finalizar esse.... craquinhas no começo e depois beta do Sharma.... Rafael Passos
 8bPostureo baratoLos Vados / Mordor2017-11-26 Cosecha mora more doblete con el mismisimo.... Carlos Jiménez Muñoz
 8b+Pugnali VolantiUlassai2017-11-26  Thomas Dauser
 8AIl colore del freddoCiciu / Belvedere2017-11-25 Highball delicato Andrea Tallone
 8a+Miguelet fora de PinetBenirrama / Cueva de la gota2017-11-25 R1. Que buena es, bofetones sobre chorreras romas y bien de desplome. Segunda parte 8c mínimo supongo... Ey artiste a ver si sales un poco del pueblo! Renaud Moulin
 8ABomboloneRubiana2017-11-23  Edoardo Bocchio Vega
 8AZkratka machrůHolstejn / Lidomorna2017-11-23 Link up 7C+ and 7B+ Martin Švec
 8cObstacleSiurana / L'aparador2017-11-23 Finally, really happy!!!:)Long battle with everything what can stop you on the way to success - too hot, too cold, too humid, too windy, work in the worst time and power ...sometimes;). Bolted by Ignacio - gracias tio:); super fanatica via... Rafal Porebski
 8AElevenBrowns Park / The Upside Down2017-11-22 Amazing problem. Really cool climbing. Not sure on the difficulty, but this zone is stacked with good projects. Duke Silver
 8BCascading AmbitionsOgden2017-11-21 An epic finally comes to a finish. Major thanks to Anthony for the vision and encouragement on this one. As usual it took dialed links and low expectations. Casey Webb
 8aUnstuck in TimeBlue mountains / Waterfall Wall/Mt Boyce2017-11-21 Fucking Rad... Stiff Isweak
 8ALoaded BiscuitNew River Gorge2017-11-20 Sick arete. Tricky sequence and a hard middle section. Instant classic, this boulder is amazing!! Taylor McNeill
 8a+Sacrificio manSantuario2017-11-20 Combo superior evidente, hacer sacrificio entera y toda la placa dura de demolition man. Iris Matamoros Quero
 8bMister perfoHerbez / Baouma2017-11-20 J'ai proposé 8b mais La cotation est à confirmer Céline Mehouas (f)
 8bContromisuraUlassai2017-11-20 Very nice route. Happy that I was able to do the first ascent. Bolted by Ruben Beckers. Thomas Dauser
 8AOssobucoChiomonte2017-11-19  Cristian Zenerino
 8bLa señora collejaPinet / Carpi2017-11-19 Bastant intensa Iker Ortiz
 8bTengo que pensarme el nombreCuenca / juego de bolos2017-11-19 la ultima de las que deje en juego. viote Rafa Fanega
 8b+Alien BitchEl salto2017-11-19 Abduction Annunaki + Honey Bitch. La resistencia en regletas. 9 intentos. Urs Moosmüller
 8BForget about light for a whileFrankenjura2017-11-19 Left start into the 7c second part of life. Maybe as hard as life, but not sure... Moritz Welt
 8A+Control theoryYosemite / camp 42017-11-19 techy rail intro to a dynamic pinch to pinch jump. class! James Webb
 8aOdysseeFrankenjura / Bärenschlucht2017-11-18 New FA starting in Elchkuh and going straight up after the 5th bolt. Good line with one crux leaving the big hole. Moritz Welt
 8A+EngulfedDartmoor / Bonehill2017-11-18 Quick evening session today after two previous sessions earlier this year. 2 pads, super windy and running out of light! Found this hard!! James Squire
 8cMovie ScreenNew River Gorge / Long Point2017-11-17 I fell off matching the anchor clipping jug over two years ago and started my job with BD shortly after. I never had the chance to go back. Hardest mental battle I've ever dealt with. Looking forward to climbing it over the water one day. Tyler Willcutt
 8bLluvia de estrellasCuenca / juego de bolos2017-11-15 guapísima linea que deje por la quilla del muro Rafa Fanega
 9aCi staArco / Laghel2017-11-14 brutal boulderproblem Adam Ondra
 8BThe quick and the deadNew River Gorge2017-11-14 Freak low percentage move to a good pocket. One of my favorites from the trip James Webb
 8BShoot outNew River Gorge2017-11-14 Double clutch! Too weak to crimp those tiny things. James Webb
 8A+Gimme the lootNew River Gorge2017-11-14 Fern creek deadpoint project. From down and right would add a grade or so James Webb
 8ARednecks and RhodosNew River Gorge2017-11-14 Left of the mega country club project. Roof climbing on good grips and a massive pogo to a sloper. Quality! James Webb
 8ATranquiloNew River Gorge2017-11-14 annoying slot to slot dead point. Squat start underclinging. Sit start adds a grade at least. James Webb
 8a+TortugaArco / Epic Colt2017-11-14 Bellissima combinazione che segue Arco leggermente strapiombante con le prese giuste per salire. Marco Manfredini
 8aEntertainerCappia2017-11-14 un lunga storia c'è dietro questa bella realizzazione... tante ore a chiodarla a comprenderla e poi tante volte ad aspettare le condizioni di asciutto o la guarigione del dito bucato e mille altre cose... oggi puff ... quasi un peccato perchè un progetto vicino a casa fa sempre motivazione... oggi quasi facile (vedremo il mercante). Bello bello scalare (ogni tanto). Marco bogimbo Proietti
 8b+Techno vs curvaChatzouri2017-11-13  Stefanos Papadopoulos
 9bOne SlapArco / Laghel2017-11-13 Amazing link up of Queen Line into the One Punch with spicy moves in between Adam Ondra
 8aBlack solitaire directHigher Solitude2017-11-13 Amazing from the alcove to the top. Just a touch harder than the original Hefferson Monopube
 8BSaruman assisFontainebleau2017-11-13  Nicolas Pelorson
 8aSlega il fanatico dal serraglioMuro dell'Ilex2017-11-13 Link-up of the hardest part of "fanatico" (start) and "Serraglio" (finish). 40 mtrs finger commitment. Andrea Gennari Daneri
 8b+Immortal kombatL'Aldilà / Pancione2017-11-12  Vale Ballardini
 8APhish Out of WaterMorrison2017-11-12 Pretty cool little power bloc climbing the wall next to Squirming Coil. Starts LH jug undercling RH sidepull. RH goes to small incut then big move to a hidden jug. Finishes via seam traverse into the top out of Squirming. A bit dabby but fun and pretty hard. Nick Chavis
 8AInvolución mental, S.S.Lierganes2017-11-12 No tengo muy claro el grado... Javier Meng
 8c+Skinni'n the Smoke WagonTexas / 12017-11-11 Happy to put this one to bed after a summer of debasing. FA Brian Anthinuese Clayton Reagan
 8bCorteza cerebralCortes de Pallás / Cortado2017-11-11 Engendro, trave de resi conectando con recortes. Una buena cruzada, o como aprovechar un muro de 15m para equipar una vía de 25m de pura resi! buenísima!! Renaud Moulin
 8a+Omsagro L2Pian Bernardo / parete delle orse2017-11-10 logical extension to a good jug... still possible to go higher! Super rock! 8a+/b? Carlo Giuliberti
 8aEl baile del claquéNavalacruz / Izquierdo2017-11-10 Impresionante placón semivertical tipo Máter de 35 metros, salpicado de pasos duros. dos pegues a primeros de año y otros dos pegues hoy. Los chicos del tumbao me decía que igual salía 8a+, yo creo que 8a como mucho y ya veremos cuando la haga mas gente si es que la hacen. Llevar hoz para limpiar la base de zarzas. Braulio Exposito
 8B+DaishinmonkanMizugaki2017-11-10  Toshi Takeuchi
 8BCloud9Pontives2017-11-10 Left exit to "Regenkampf". This thing has it all, heelhooks, toehooks, a kneebar and a tricky feet first section at the end. Took me much longer than expected. Christof Rauch
 8b+CarnotauroEl salto / corral de chivas2017-11-09 dinosaurio carnivoro que vivio al final del cretacico hace 70 millones de años en lo que hoy es sudamerica escalada de 13- hasta un boulder de 7 movimientos con un "stopper move" en medio de la secuencia. el boulder quiza sea ¿v8/9? "Jason knows" Ricardo Vara
 8BSleight of HandFlagstaff Hinterlands / Fernow Draw2017-11-09 Finally! powerful moves, hard bicycles and hand shuffles on crimps, edges and small holds make this unique for a Flagstaff roof . suited me pretty well but still felt hard. came close in the spring but had to wait til now for decent temps. Thanks to T Wade for chalking this roof up! Matt Gentile
 8A+ChossatrocityParisella's Cave2017-11-08 Hatch into Oppotrocity. Guess the only rule is you go right hand first on Rock Atrocity and upwards, you are pretty locked into the sequence after that. Future cave classic! Jack Palmieri
 8c+God of WarWolf Point2017-11-08 The king line in the middle of the cave. Full 40m pitch with the crux at the very end. Beautiful black stone with perfect holds. This route is amazing!!! BJ Tilden
 8bAlisidoti antidrasiPlatosi / Platosi2017-11-08  Cristos Daniil
 8aValkyrieFossil hill2017-11-08 The full line right of Righteous. Cleaned the loose crap off it and extended it by 7 bolts. Steve Bechtel
 8bDancing in the darkIlex2017-11-08 Happy bday to me!!! Andrea Zanone
 8b+Doce de AmendoimGruta de Passa Vinte / Central2017-11-08 Nova via à direita da Dust in the Wind. Termina nas últimas 3 chapas da Dust. Na resistência é mais exigente que a Dust, mas não chega a 11a. Acho que ao todo foram 6 pegas de cadena. Uso de corda de 70m obrigatório. É melhor o seg subir para diminuir o arrasto. Croqui no 27crags.com Juliano Magalhães
 8AKing LouieNew River Gorge2017-11-07 absolutely stunning James Webb
 8bMototorOlvena / Mordor2017-11-07 Muy guapa via de tom. antes del techo se hace por izquierda facil, a la chorrera se le entra desde la derecha Gonzalo Larrocha
 8a+La política del miedoCortes de Pallás / Bóveda2017-11-07 En esos tiempos difíciles donde algunas democracias parecen dictaduras... Otra plancha de resi de remar. Renaud Moulin
 8bKaiserschmarrenCacin / Principal2017-11-06 Ruton del Alesio, máxima calidad Luis Rodriguez martin
 8b+Boyun EğmeCitdibi2017-11-06 very nice resistance climbing with a boulder problem in between. could not even chalk up for more than 20 moves. For short arms probably hard Tobias Haug