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Viking Mondet flashes 8A (+) etc  (8) Facebook

Guillaume Glairon Mondet in Ticino-Switzerland_December 2010 from Romain WOHLGROTH on Vimeo.

Classic 7A-C's in Ticino  Facebook

Ticino Times: Switzerland Bouldering from Justin Donofrio on Vimeo.

adamondrafilm.com  (5) Facebook


Gerome Pouvreau in India, nice :-)  Facebook

Mammut in Peak District  (14) Facebook

Paul Robinson doing 8B+'s  Facebook

BD athlete Paul Robinson climbing Dreamtime (8B+) and Ninja Skills (8B+) from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

IFSC President Olympic etc interview by extremeua.com  Facebook

Marco Scolaris Kiev from Medvedeva Olga on Vimeo.

Climbing ballerinas from the 8ties :-)  (20) Facebook

Udo Neuman comparison analyses :-)  (1) Facebook

8C video by Daniel Woods  (1) Facebook

Sanuk Exclusive: Daniel Woods Conquers "Hypnotized Minds, 8C" from Sanuk on Vimeo.

Glassberg, Traversi and Robinson  Facebook

Switzerland 2010 • Cresciano • Jon Glassberg, Connor Griffith, Paul Robinson, & Carlo Traversi from Jon Glassberg on Vimeo.

Future of bouldering - Downclimbing/Traversing  Facebook

Debate/Jens: Pascal Thomas takes the challenge set up by Jacky Godoffe doing a nice ascent of the spectacular (down climbing and traverseing) Encore, 8B. Is this the future of bouldering?

Encore, 8B (V13) - Fontainebleau from Bione Happyclimb on Vimeo.

58-year-old Fransisco Marin doing 8b (+)  (11) Facebook

Edu Marin's father, Novato, did his first 8a at 52. Six years later he has done 8b (+). Are there any other sports where you could progress like that, at that age?

Novato en Botanics - Rodellar 2010 from Christian Checa on Vimeo.

Nice Chironico action :-)  Facebook

RokTober in Switzerland - Trailer from RokBlog.de on Vimeo.

Traversi & Glassberg do 8A's in Magic  (12) Facebook

Switzerland 2010 • Magic Wood • Jon Glassberg and Carlo Traversi from Jon Glassberg on Vimeo.

Team America and Koyamada in Chironico  (7) Facebook

Switzerland 2010 • Chironico • Jon Glassberg, Connor Griffith, Carlo Traversi, & Dai Koyomada from Jon Glassberg on Vimeo.

Community power, passion, commitment...  (1) Facebook

Chad Greedy presents the 2010 development of Wolverineland at Mt Evans.

ENTER THE WOLVO from chad greedy on Vimeo.

4000+ fans watch I Psicobloc Master in Bilbao  (15) Facebook

Click to Enlarge PictureThe first Psicobloc Master ever turned out to be an awesome spectacle. Bilbao offered a central spot in the city, not far from the Guggenheim Museum; the organization was impeccable; the route was a "dynamic 5.14a" according to Chris Sharma; the competitors fought "a muerte"; and the 4000 to 5000 fans (biggest live audience ever for a climbing comp?) were thrilled with the non-stop action, which had everyone on the edge of their seats right to the end.

Final results:

1. Chris Sharma 2. Bruno Macías 3. N Sánchez/I Tarrazona

Gallery with the final in the duel format. Video from Desnivel:

Baboonmaster.com  Facebook

Adam Ondra onsights and suggests 8c in 2009  Facebook


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