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Forum: NZL / Editorial / Take advantage of the winter conditions Login in to contribute
Take advantage of the winter conditions
OffLine 8a.nu
  2012-12-09 00:00:00    
It seems like year by year, the climbing community is used to climb and take advantage of colder conditions creating better friction. Klem Loskot (38) says he just realized it right now and that it is part of his increadeable flow the last weeks.

Beside getting better friction with lower temperatures also the ski stays more dry which makes it resist better and is not destroyed on one single hold, says Klem.

Jonathan Linné Ryn did his 7C sloper project in Göteborg yesterday at 14 degrees minus, saying that the friction was just amazing.

Maybe it is time to brush away the snow and try your old project, especially if the crux is friction dependent like a sharp but open one finger pocket.

1. Warm up indoors including also recruit your maximum strength on similar crux moves.
2. Put the shoes in your jacket to keep them warm
3. Shuffle up the snow so the potential scary landing is just super soft and safe. (c) Peter Allison
Click to Enlarge Picture
OffLine John Palmer
  2012-12-10 20:45:40    
Funny! That's my photo, but there is no credit??!!??
OnLine Jens Larssen
  2012-12-10 22:19:50    
I am sorry. I credited Peter Allison as I found it on his website without any name. The news have now been updated for your wonderful picture.
OnLine ELDani
  2012-12-11 14:12:51    
"the ski stays more dry" what??
OffLine Henning Wang
  2012-12-11 16:03:50    
Yeah going out in 14 degrees below zero and pulling on mono´s sound like a great idea...
OffLine jarvoramas
  2012-12-25 07:26:40    
That really is a great pic , what problem is it ?