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Forum: NOR / Editorial / Improving pump through stretching neck and chiropractor Login in to contribute
Improving pump through stretching neck and chiropractor
OffLine 8a.nu
  2017-11-23 00:00:00    
For several years, I have always getting pumped faster in my right arm and consequently I am always hanging in my left arm while clipping. Three months ago I went to a chiropractor and he did some things with my neck saying that possibly the pump comes from squeezed nerves in my neck and shoulders. He also told me to lean against a wall and then push my chin down- and upwards five times several times a day.

Remarkably, I am getting slowly better and the chiropractor says that it is just normal for squeezed nerves to take month to recover.

Reasons for getting such problems could be looking up while belaying, working with the fingers moving the mouse or iPhone, ageing and too much climbing training. In other words, there just might be many climbers that could benefit from a chiropractor and some chin stretching.
OffLine Joakim Thommesen
  2017-11-24 10:26:13    
Jens, how do you stretch the chiropractor? Jokes aside: This is interesting - I have had the same problem with my left arm always getting pumped before my right, but, interestingly, it is my right side which is tense and painful - upper neck, via the shoulder/blade down to the wrist. 
OnLine Jens Larssen
  2017-11-24 18:36:34    
Stretch and chiropractor might do the trick :)