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Bereziartu about Bimbaluna 

This is what Josune had to say about her ascent of Bimbaluna, 9a/+: "First at all BIMBALUNA is 9a/9a+, it was never called 9a+. This is very important.
I feel the route is a bit harder than 9a and I agree with Francoise who gave the grade of 9a/9a+, and I think that it is bit harder than 9a. This is my opinion.
I spent just one month, more or less in Switzerland, of those all days I only could climb in the route ten days, with an average of 2/3 tries per day (I think, may be 11 or 9, i don´t remenber well) Last Monday 9 of May I could send it. The route is very bouldery, with a midle section very, very bouldery, this is the crux."