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WC overall counting five out of six WCs 

1. Janja Garnbret 500 - Romain Desgranges 385
2. Jain Kim 390 - Stefano Ghisolfi 319
3. Anak Verhoeven 304 - Domen Skofic 252
4. Jessica Pilz 276 - Keiichiro Korenaga 229
5. Julia Chanourdie 273 - Marcello Bombardi 228
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Janja Garnbret has secured the overall victory in practice although two events remain. It is good enough to be #13 in one event even if Jain wins the two last events. Among the males, Stefano almost needs to win both the last two events if not Romain Desgranges completely fail in these two comps. Interesting to see that Jakob Schubert is #7 having only participated in two out of six comps.