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Legends only in Stockholm  Facebook

8A by Alex Puccio  Facebook

Chris Webb Parsons training  Facebook

"Im being trained now by Christian Core and its very involved and hard on my body right now, but in a good way hard.
I have not done much on the rock for a while now as one of my goals in my climbing life is to do well in the world cups. So i have been training lots and lots but very structured and this means lots of indoor climbing."

BD athlete Chris Webb Parsons bouldering and training in England from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

8B by Guillaume Glairon-Mondet  Facebook

Sideways Daze - 8B (V13) from Marshall on Vimeo.

Edelrid image video  Facebook

EDELRID - Image video from edelridclimber on Vimeo.

Swedes in Rocklands  Facebook

Bier Is Goed Vir Di Siel from Jocke Berglund on Vimeo.

8b MP by Barbara Zangerl  Facebook

Barbara Zangerl Hotel Supramonte from Planetmountain.com on Vimeo.

8b by Tito Traversa (9)  Facebook

sarsifal from Mountain View on Vimeo.

Fontainebleau by Gu  Facebook

Bernabé Fernández climbing 'Matar a Platón', 9a in Villanueva del Rosario  Facebook

Ondra 8C teasers  (7) Facebook


Hukkataival in Hueco Tanks  Facebook

3 from Hueco from ZeroSkillz on Vimeo.

25 Minutes of Rocklands  (1) Facebook

Straight Out Of Africa - FEATURE LENGTH from Louder Than 11 on Vimeo.

Johnny Dawes - To the Rainbow  Facebook

Untitled from Johnny Dawes on Vimeo.

8B+ by Alberto Rocasolano  (3) Facebook

Papa Oso FA, Torrelodones, Alberto Rocasolano from beto rocasolano on Vimeo.

Bouldering in Chile  Facebook

Boulder in the ANDES - Choriboulder from rocanbolt on Vimeo.

8A in Algund  Facebook

Tragic Waste Of Power 8a // Algund // Italy from Eglania on Vimeo.

Little Cottonwood Episode 3  Facebook

Little Cottonwood Canyon Classics - Episode 3 from Wagon Productions on Vimeo.

Huber talks about Ondra  Facebook

Alexander Huber about Adam Ondra from BERNARTWOOD on Vimeo.

8c+ by Gabri Moroni  Facebook

8c+/9a by Gabri Moroni  (1) Facebook

Gabriele Moroni has done the second ascent by Adam Ondra's Masoniamoci, 8c+ in Masone.

Gabriele Moroni - Masoniamoci 8c+/9a from Granze on Vimeo.

Alan Cassidy climbs his first 8c+  Facebook

UKClimbing reports that after a great year of sends in which Alan Cassidy has ticked 'Unjustified', 8b+/c in Malham Cove and the 8c of 'True North' in Kilnsey, now he's "really excited to have my name up there with Malc (Smith) & Dave (McLeod) in the only Scots to climb the grade" by bagging the 3rd ascent of Metalcore, 8c+ in The Anvil.

Alan had been working on the route since last summer and commented in his scorecard: "First 8c+. Super psyched. Possibly low in the grade but a good step up from all the 8cs I have done. Ondra, get yourself to the Anvil!"

8A+ by Shauna Coxsey (18)  (6) Facebook

UKC has the full story of Shauna jumping directely from 7C+ to 8A+.

Pilgrim 8a+ from Shauna Coxsey on Vimeo.

Adam Ondra sends fourth 9b in 10 weeks **Updated  (11) Facebook

After firing-off 'Chilam Balam' he had mention that he wanted to send a project in the same crag, Villanueva del Rosario (Málaga-Spain). Now, following what 9b reports, the Czech wonderboy Adam Ondra would have sent such route named La planta de Shiva, 9b in 14 tries (not the 8 we published before).

The photographer, David Munilla, publishes in his blog together with some nice pics that the route is divided in two pitches: a first one of an 8c+ which he failed to on-sight and in a 2nd go, and a second pitch much more difficult "in which Adam needed to do his outmost, as well as brush it, smash it and use some sika."

Video trying it showing his unique style when it comes to speed, foot placement, flexibility and changes in tempo etc:

Check the wind blowing Alizee upwards  (5) Facebook

KALÉA BORROKA 8B+ SIURANA Alizée Dufraisse from phil on Vimeo.

9a again by Pirmin Bertle  (2) Facebook

Pirmin Bertle reports, "One of the last not that warm days in Catalunya this springtime and in a magnificent shape "Jungle speed" found me irresistible. First go of the day. A real walk through. Furthermore my 4th 9a during the last 12 months." Pirmin is #3 in the ranking game. Here is the video where the action starts after 90 seconds.

8B+ again by Jimmy Webb  Facebook

Jimmy Webb has done Midnight Express, 8B+ in Boulder Canyon and he is #4 in the ranking game.

2 from Boulder Canyon, CO from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo.

8B+ again by Paul Robinson  (3) Facebook

Paul Robinson has done La force du destin, 8B+ in Fontainebleau. "2nd asc. 3 days. Insanely large move to the lip. One of the few crimp boulders in the forest! psyched!" Video from earlier 8B and 8A+ etc.

BD athlete Paul Robinson bouldering in Fontainebleau, France from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

First 8A by Katja Vidmar  (1) Facebook

Katja Vidmar has done Dark Age, 8A in Hueco Tanks. In the world ranking game she is #7 and that was also her position in the Boulder World Cup 2008. Pictures and videos in her blogspot.

Katja Vidmar; Loaded with power V10 from Gašper Bratina on Vimeo.


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