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DWS to the Olympics? - The Boulder/Lead/Speed Concept 

Debate/Jens: Climbing is one of the biggest sports that has not yet made it to the Olympics. Most climbers are in favour and of course this would make a huge impact on sponsor money etc. Today's competition scene has problems attracting climbers, spectators, media etc.

The advantages of making DWS the playground are many. But of course it comes down to creating a new, exciting and understandable format (perhaps similar to slalom), that would fit into a 1 + 1 hour show.

One suggestion:

1. Top-16 to final, based on two 8b+ flashes
2. Duel eliminations on two 8c to get a winner
(Size of holds can get reduced for each round)
3. 10m walls with bubbles & waves make it safe.