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Tijl Smitz, Belgium

Good friend Mich having fun in Antwerp
Size: 576 x 768
Photo: Tijl
Votes: 11 Rate: 3
Tijl Smitz, Belgium

Frite Physique 7a, Freyr
Size: 425 x 768
Photo: Vinz
Votes: 11 Rate: 2,27
Tijl Smitz, Belgium

Globules 7a, Dave September is climbing season in Belgium. Dave for a change.
Size: 510 x 768
Photo: Martijn Sermeus
Votes: 8 Rate: 4,75
Tijl Smitz, Belgium

Burnt Offerings 7a+, Railay Brilliant scene for nice photographs. You have to send if the picture is already perfect at first try!!
Size: 576 x 768
Photo: Hector
Votes: 66 Rate: 3,88
Tijl Smitz, Belgium

Fontainebleau - El├ęphant - Le Coeur 7a November 2004
Size: 320 x 240
Photo: Wout
Votes: 53 Rate: 3,6
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