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Axel PIC, Canada

Le Temple du Soleil 8a, Weir
Size: 505 x 488
Photo: Axel
Votes: 2 Rate: 5
Axel PIC, Canada

Biorythme 7c, Weir
Size: 1024 x 768
Photo: Axel
Lósang Hita, Spain

Weird green quartz rock, but with grip! 6a, Nanjing
Size: 576 x 768
Votes: 4 Rate: 2
Barti Albert Wuersch, Switzerland

Domi on 'smash mouth' 8A+, weird high ball mantle with helicopter landing, engelberg
Size: 510 x 768
Photo: Barti Wuersch
Votes: 47 Rate: 3,89
Lee Cujes, Australia

Some Weird Sin (24). Windjammer Wall, Point Perpendicular, NSW, Australia.
Photo: © Sam Coles 2007
Votes: 8 Rate: 4
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