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Gery Unterasinger, Canada

Tak sticks the crux of "Fudge Packer", the best 13a in the Rockies! Planet X/Canmore
Size: 1024 x 682
Photo: gery unterasinger
Votes: 21 Rate: 4,9
Brook Story, United States

Nicole Overhang 7b, planet X area/ joshua tree
Size: 270 x 360
Votes: 1 Rate: 5
Gery Unterasinger, Canada

Sonnie Trotter in action at Planet X, Canmore/Alberta
Size: 1024 x 680
Photo: gery unterasinger
Votes: 157 Rate: 4,31
Gery Unterasinger, Canada

"the illusionist" 5.14b, Planet X, Canmore/AB
Size: 700 x 465
Photo: gery unterasinger
Votes: 98 Rate: 4,33
Dung Nguyen, Canada

Shooting Star, Planet X, Cougar Creek
Size: 320 x 212
Photo: D Galloway
Votes: 165 Rate: 3,27
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