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Steve Townshend, Canada

Steve Townshend doing the 2nd Assent of Tim Emmett's Route "Muy Caliente" E10 (5.13d RX) in Pembroke, South Wales; West coast of the UK See Video of Tim on the Route at:
Size: 772 x 761
Photo: Vic Ashton
Votes: 2 Rate: 3
Theo Elmer, United Kingdom

Coffee and Ann 6b+ Pembroke
Size: 525 x 700
Votes: 3 Rate: 5
Caroline Harney, Ireland

Clean Hand Blues Band, E2, Pembroke
Size: 285 x 380
Votes: 16 Rate: 4,25
Caroline Harney, Ireland

Vice is Nice, E2, Onsight, Pembroke
Size: 285 x 380
Votes: 22 Rate: 4,18
Caroline Harney, Ireland

Space Cadet, E3, Pembroke
Size: 285 x 380
Votes: 107 Rate: 4,22
Simon Tappin, United Kingdom

Fitz In Pembroke
Votes: 193 Rate: 3,22
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