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Mario Velasco Casquero, Spain

Gómez-Cano 6b, Peñón de Ifach, Spain
Size: 569 x 768
Photo: Mario Velasco
Jose Carlos Muñoz Marceliano, Spain

Peñon de Ifach
Size: 1024 x 768
Votes: 1 Rate: 1
David Sr., Spain

4ºL Direct UBSA Peñon de Ifach
Size: 1024 x 768
Photo: Fran
Votes: 3 Rate: 4,33

Diedro UBSA 6a, Peñon de Ifach
Size: 576 x 768
Votes: 13 Rate: 3,92
Andi Lind, Germany

Im Februar am Penon de Ifach
Size: 1024 x 727
Photo: Ich
Votes: 5 Rate: 3,4
Angel Durán, Spain

Diedro UBSA 6a, Peñon de Ifach Deitxi Fernandez disfrutando el final
Size: 1024 x 766
Photo: Durán
Votes: 4 Rate: 4,5
Puli G., Spain

Posing after a 550m climb. See Peñón de Ifach at the very end.
Size: 1024 x 702
Votes: 9 Rate: 3,22
Paul Lahaye, Netherlands

The most striking landmark of the Costa Blanca is the stunning 332m high tower of the Peñón de Ifach. Spain
Size: 778 x 524
Photo: Paul Lahaye -
Votes: 9 Rate: 3,67
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