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Zach Swanson, United States

Civil Disobedience 7a+, Farley
Size: 576 x 768
Votes: 1 Rate: 3
Geoffrey Howarth, South Africa

Power Ranger 7A+ at the Lilly Boulders, Obed, TN, USA.
Size: 960 x 540
Votes: 1 Rate: 3
Deej Michaels, United States

Onsight of The Fossil 7b+ in the Obed
Size: 768 x 768
Votes: 1 Rate: 5
Michael Durenleau, United States

Medial Tear 7a+, Obed
Size: 512 x 768
Votes: 1 Rate: 5
Jake Mashburn, United States

One Small Step 6a, Obed
Size: 433 x 768
Photo: Jake Mashburn
Votes: 3 Rate: 2,33
Wayne Chastang, United States

Hersy 6c+, Obed
Size: 1024 x 768
Howell Peebles, United States

Gunslinger 7a, Obed
Size: 1024 x 768
Photo: Dave.. Maybe?
Votes: 5 Rate: 3,4
Peter Foister, United States

The Probe 7c, Obed
Size: 576 x 768
Votes: 3 Rate: 3,67
Tom Little, United States

Mojo, V9, Lily Boulders , Obed
Size: 604 x 403
Photo: Said Parirokh
Votes: 1 Rate: 1
Dylan Lorenz, United States

Just a pic from my first trip to Obed. I have no idea what problem it is we just wondered around the lily boulder area and climbed.
Size: 640 x 480
Votes: 1 Rate: 1
Brent"No-Nonsense" Perkins, United States

Rage 7b+, Obed. Super Classic line. 40ft horizontal roof climbing on jugs!
Size: 871 x 768
Photo: Rick Bost
Leslie Timms (f), Canada

Tang 7a+, Obed
Size: 512 x 768
Photo: rick bost
Votes: 19 Rate: 3,95
Leslie Timms (f), Canada

Tang 7a+, Obed
Size: 1024 x 682
Photo: rick bost
Votes: 50 Rate: 3,6
Max Marlowe, United States

chillin with my friends by the obed river
Size: 600 x 450
Photo: ?
Votes: 2 Rate: 5
Ashley Hamilton, United States

a burley .12c at the little clear creak area in Obed
Size: 213 x 380
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