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Jürgen Bormann, Switzerland

Pineforest Ökz Ökz 7c+ Lukas Ithen
Size: 760 x 490
Photo: J.Bormann
Votes: 1 Rate: 5
Gabrielle Olsen, United States

Greyhound 7b+, Blacksmith Fork
Size: 767 x 768
Votes: 3 Rate: 5
Ema Seliškar, Slovenia

Super day with super friends - Divji otrok 8a, Kotecnik
Size: 512 x 768
Votes: 1 Rate: 5
Heiko Queitsch, Germany

Good day with good friends
Size: 511 x 768
Photo: Tobias Plail
Votes: 83 Rate: 4,76
Unai Martínez Malaxechevarría, España

The Climb Kids, with a todler called L.
Size: 768 x 768
Unai Martínez Malaxechevarría, España

Size: 960 x 534
Talo Martin, España

James Pearson on Dancing with myself, 8b+ El Vellón, Spain
Size: 508 x 768
Photo: Talo Martin
Votes: 33 Rate: 4,39
Brendan Jordan, United States

Heresy 6c+, Smith Rocks
Size: 961 x 768
Falco Filotto, Canada

Loaded With Power 7c+, Hueco Tanks
Size: 1024 x 576
Photo: Tripod
Marto Martinez, Mexico

With power in Bishop
Size: 1024 x 768
Photo: Art Mtz
Swamp Thing, United States

I was begat... in the bayou... and the bayou is part of me. Know this: the swamp welcomes... visitors... But it knows... how to deal with... trespassers...
Size: 506 x 768
James Simmons, United States

Fantasy Island, put up by JC Hunter, with few repeats. Made good gains until sustaining a season ending pulley injury. Still on the project list. Bouldery and BeUTAHful.
Size: 768 x 768
Photo: Bruce Wilson
Votes: 25 Rate: 4,2
Chuck Odette, United States

maggie sky dancing her way up don't mess with texas
Size: 645 x 430
Photo: Carlos R Flores
Votes: 10 Rate: 3,8
Sander Wenderich, Netherlands

Pferdestall (Ith), Need for Speed
Size: 1024 x 576
Climb in Kymi, Greece

Beaches with crystal clear water, Kymi
Size: 512 x 768
Votes: 2 Rate: 5
Margo Hayes, United States

Smith Rock, Oregon
Size: 615 x 768
Votes: 41 Rate: 4,66
b z, Austria

Fire with fire 7B, Zillergrund
Size: 1024 x 576
Marina Inoue, United States

Loaded With Power 7b+, Hueco Tanks
Size: 668 x 557
Photo: Wendy Everett
Votes: 1 Rate: 5
Lucas Marques, Brazil

Psyched with this wall!!!
Size: 512 x 768
Photo: Jan Novak
Alina Tolmunen, France

Todgha Gorge in Morocco 7b+ without name
Size: 991 x 661
Photo: Sébastien CUEL
Votes: 30 Rate: 4,33
Dominik Hajduk, Poland

No sleep til Hammersmith 7a+, Kalymnos
Size: 512 x 768
Photo: Tomek Nosal
Votes: 5 Rate: 5
Sebi Schurl, Austria

Phantast 8b, KREITHOF
Size: 511 x 768
Votes: 1 Rate: 1
Luca Mabilia, Italy

Beautiful traverse in Foppiano. Area with great potential for expansion in an enchanted forest!
Size: 768 x 768
Photo: Vicky Ugarenko
Votes: 1 Rate: 3
Ali Pourshafie, Iran

Chalabeh is a climbing area near kermanshah, iran with over 80 routes from 6a to 8c+.
Size: 768 x 768
Votes: 1 Rate: 3
Jorge Diaz-rullo, España

haciendo mi primer 8b+ con "dancing with myself"8b+ en El Vellón
Size: 1024 x 576
Photo: Marcos Camín
Jivko Terziiski, Bulgaria

No sleep til Hammersmith 7a+, Kalymnos
Size: 576 x 768
Votes: 1 Rate: 5
A Info, España

En la cima del Breithorn.
Size: 1024 x 575
Votes: 1 Rate: 3
Brittany Goris, United States

Dreamin' 7a+, Smith Rocks
Size: 437 x 768
Photo: Ali Hancock
Votes: 3 Rate: 5
Javier Estepar, España

En las regletas asesinas de la Smith Rock 8a, Cavallers
Size: 1024 x 682
Photo: Maite
Votes: 4 Rate: 4
Ry Morrison Romero, Sweden

Fun de Chichunne 8a, Kalymnos Amazing day. Finally. Fiiinally, what looked impossible became possible. I climbed 8a onsight. Onsight means, climbed a line first try ever without any previous knowledge of the route. In this case I climbed through this roof you see here from the point the photo is taken from, 23 bolts, overhanging the whooole way. For sure the craziest sport line I've ever tried. Basically pure flow. A day to remember, in perfect golden light! On to the next one!
Size: 576 x 768
Photo: Mikael Ylinen
Votes: 54 Rate: 4,07
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