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Bonar McCallum, Canada

Younger Than Yesterday 8b, Echo Canyon Climber is Ben Blakney
Size: 518 x 768
Votes: 1 Rate: 5
Bonar McCallum, Canada

Matt Hendsbee on SuperMegaDestroyer 8a, The Shield, Echo Canyon, Canada
Size: 992 x 768
Votes: 47 Rate: 4,66
Bonar McCallum, Canada

Bone Thief 8b+, Echo Canyon, Climber Grzegorz Flroek
Size: 510 x 768
Photo: Bonar McCallum
Votes: 41 Rate: 4,85
Bonar McCallum, Canada

Wedding Crasher 7c+, The Balcony, Echo Canyon, Alberta, Canada
Size: 1024 x 685
Photo: Grzegorz Florek
Votes: 47 Rate: 4,28
Bonar McCallum, Canada

Lea Juszkiewicz on Ffantom Love 7a, Echo Canyon, Canmore, Canada
Size: 576 x 768
Photo: Bonar McCallum
Votes: 7 Rate: 4,14
Gery Unterasinger, Canada

Catherine Vaillancourt's Yoga home work pays off on "Midget" 11b, the Lookout/Echo Canyon/Canmore
Size: 513 x 768
Photo: gery unterasinger
Votes: 17 Rate: 4,88
Gery Unterasinger, Canada

Derek Galloway going for the mandatory swing in the last evening light on "Fire in the Sky" 12b at the Notch/Echo Canyon high above Canmore, AB
Size: 1024 x 682
Photo: gery unterasinger
Votes: 26 Rate: 4,85
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