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Forum: FRA / News / From too hard in the semi to too easy in the final Login in to contribute
From too hard in the semi to too easy in the final
OffLine 8a.nu
  2019-04-15 00:00:00    
It seems the route setters, based on the few number of tops in the semi, made some late changes, resulting in too easy boulders in the final. All the podium topped all four boulders and Janja Garnbret won by doing them all first go. Noteworthy is that Slovenia, with just 2 million inhabitants, was superior by getting two golds and another two in the finals.

1. Janja Garnbret 44* SLO
2. Shauna Coxsey 44 GBR
3. Fanny Gibert 44 FRA
4. Lucka Rakovec 34 SLO
5. Jessica Pilz 34 AUT
6. Futaba Ito 33 JPN

* In order to make it more understandable 8a has started to take out the T and z and just present the score with points.
OffLine renets
  2019-04-14 22:23:22    
Yeah. Really understandable that everyone in top 3 scores 44
OffLine Joe Crotty
  2019-04-14 23:43:42    
Frustrating Women's finals to watch. As you already said way too many tops in finals. That the Women's final boiled down to a sideways downward jump on W3 was a bit sad (parkour all the way "new school"). Also, not a single power set in the Women's final.
OffLine Brian Weaver
  2019-04-15 09:36:17    
Definitely frustrating to watch. I preferred the semi-final being a bit too hard but actually separating the field. There was a clear split in the semi that showed the raw power and also intelligent thinking of the athletes in solving the problems.