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Forum: FRA / News / 8B+ by Zou who started climbing in 2014 at age 26 Login in to contribute
8B+ by Zou who started climbing in 2014 at age 26
OffLine 8a.nu
  2019-04-11 00:00:00    
Zhanan Zou, a.k.a. Bruce, has climbed Ty Landman’s Midnight Express 8B+ in Boulder Canyon, potentially becoming the first Chinese climber to climb the grade. Previously he had done two 8B's. Bruce started climbing at age 26 after moving from China to Boulder, Colorado in 2014. A week before the ascent of Midnight Express he successfully defended his PhD thesis in Mechanical Engineering. He wants to continue to pursue his research, and hopes to develop boulders in China, to open up a new level of climbing for Chinese climbers. Video finishing with screaming louder than Ondra and Sharma together :) (c) Cesar Valencia
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OffLine Unai
  2019-04-11 11:35:44