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Forum: FRA / Editorial / Does climbing make kids smarter? Login in to contribute
Does climbing make kids smarter?
OffLine 8a.nu
  2019-04-11 00:00:00    
Two weeks ago I read an article saying Kids skiing gets smarter. The explanation is physical activity but also learning how to concentrate and improved coordination etc. Personally I would say that possibly it also relates to all the decisions the skiing kids have to do going down the slope.

During the years I have been chatting with dozens of kids 12 - 15 years climbing very hard and almost always I have been shocked about how smart and mature they seem. It could just be that all the problem solving situation they have faced they have developed their brain making them much smarter and mentally stronger, which could be part of the reason why they climb at the same level as the adults?

Yesterday in an IFSC meeting in Lausanne, I met Charlotte Durif and we discussed the subject. In 2005, Charlotte Durif (15) was the best female onsight climber ever and she was at that time even among the best male. We sent her some questions in French and our translator Jones Belhaj, big brother to Said, told us that he had never come across a 15 year old expressing her self in such a mature and advanced way -

"He had to simplify some of her equilibristic words and sentences in order to make them understandable for everyone."

Charlotte, three times Youth World Champion, won the Euro Championship being 15 years old and she is the only female to have onsighted an 8c. In 2011, she became the second women to do a 9a. In 2017, she got her PhD and got attributed the grade of Doctor in Chemistry and Physical Chemistry of Materials! Currently she is based in Salt Lake City working as an consultant to IFSC focusing on the Olympic movement.
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OffLine bomberone
  2019-04-11 19:44:17    
maybe... somehow it seems like a fact to me, that the climbing communitiy is over averagely academic.
OffLine Robert Kasper
  2019-04-11 20:17:59    
Is it not more like that skiing is Riddiculously expensive (at least in many countries) that the less academic Familie can hardly afford it.

I also feel that the climbing population is very academic on average. But maybe thats just the bubble i live in...
OffLine Herman
  2019-04-12 00:17:09    
Yes climbing makes kids smarter. But so does skiing or any other sport. and that is stated in the article. To me it's just good upbringing.

And yes, On average the climbing community (and it's parents) are higher educated / higher IQ then average, but that has foremost socialogical reasons.

(Correlation yes, Causation no, or if there is a causation it's: Smarter people climb more often then non smart people))
OffLine olmin
  2019-04-12 08:31:06    
OnLine Riemer Vegter
  2019-04-12 08:50:15    
It is also important to separate association from causation. Self regulation has been shown as one of the important hallmarks of talent, and helps with sports, but also school (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21104520, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19967593).
OffLine pbla4024
  2019-04-12 10:03:15    
I am not sure Durif is a good example. French climbing magazines stopped publishing anything about her, because she was caught lying about her ascents too many times.
OffLine Jan V'
  2019-04-12 10:36:07    
Could be the other way round.
OnLine Jens Larssen
  2019-04-12 14:34:39    
It was Karin who said she was lying but they actually closed down. Directly after they said she was lying, she won the World Cup in Chamonix!
OffLine pbla4024
  2019-04-12 15:29:26    
OffLine Veríssimo
  2019-04-12 16:07:16    
A Riemer said: "It is also important to separate association from causation"

Otherwise I would have to recommend eating a lot of mozzarella cheese if you want to succeed on finishing a doctoral degree in civil Engineering

"Per capita consumption of mozzarella cheese (US) correlates (0.958648) with Civil engineering doctorates awarded (US)"

See http://tylervigen.com/view_correlation?id=3890
OffLine oncle john
  2019-04-13 19:36:37    
if you seek mature minds, climber are faaaaar away from poverty childrens
and reaaaallly far away from war children
but if u seek efficient cold blood problem solving, they are not so bad, but i prefer a casio 9000 trx

and as said sociologic and economic are in the upper part when it comes to the climber (and generally the boring side also)

pierre rouzo where are u??
OffLine Franz the Stampede
  2019-04-14 01:54:47    
Wow. 2019 and Jens still hasn't undersood that "one swallow does not a summer make".

"Directly after they said she was lying, she won the World Cup in Chamonix!"
It doesn't mean jackshit about whether she was lying or not.
Also, I remember er very disparaging comments about the 3 climbers that made podium for female lead in the 2012 WCC. She basically accused them of being deliberately and unhealthily underweight without any proof and called them "disgusting".
You know, just to give a fair assessment of the person.

Finally, many lifestyle climbers seem far from academically/school smart to me... Climbing might potentially make you smart, weed clearly doesn't.
OffLine Gonzola
  2019-04-17 22:33:18    
Climbers want to climb.
Studying a PhD allows flexible time management (for climbing for example).
Smart people (in the logical sense) also exist in the non-academic world.

This column of opinion is, IMHO, useless.

Best regards.