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Forum: FRA / Blogs / The Font Diary : January 2016 Login in to contribute
The Font Diary : January 2016
OnLine Christophe Cayssiols
  2016-01-29 21:18:01    

Guess what? Pancras is done... Can't believe it myself : no more walk up the hill, no more frustration, no more disillusion, life made simple ;-)
Well, not for long : I've a new project that could be closed any time now, except for that rain, and little finger hurting and... yes, you're right : I'm back in epic bouldering mode and I love it

Boulders in the video : 
Le Ressort Titan Super Direct, 7B (v8) in Gorge aux Châts
COP 21, 7B (v8) in Gorge aux Châts
Nuage Pyroclastique, 7A (v6) in Apremont Portes du Désert
Pancras assis, 7C (v9) in Mont Pivot

The Font' Diary : January 2016 from Crashpad addict! on Vimeo.

Blog by: Christophe Cayssiols
OffLine bomberone
  2016-01-30 09:22:55    
OnLine Xtof
  2016-03-28 10:12:40    
Thanks indeed! That boulder meant a lot to me ;-)