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Vertical Life GmbH
Brennerstrasse 32
I- 39042 Brixen
Tel: +39 0472 611 753

71 514 members
5 195 911 ascents
36 579 ascents last 30 days

The 8abc book project
We are planning to write the book � The 8abc of climbing - and we are looking for co-authors. First, your articles will be published here at 8a.nu and in a year or so we hope to include them in a printed book.

The 8abc of climbing - will just not be an ordinary training theory book instead more like a climbing manual with handy Tips & Tricks and the 8ABC Facts listed, beside the theories. Here are some of the chapters we find interesting and as we said, we are looking for co-writers (check for *) and co-photografers. What do you think? More things to be included?

The 8abc of climbing
Background to the book
Unique comparison to other sports

KNOW-HOW (Handy Tips & Tricks and 8ABC Facts)
History and development of climbing*
Ethics & Practice as of 2005 for Sport climbing & Bouldering
Grading Theory & Comparison
World records
The best crags, routes and boulders
The competition formats
Rock types*
Safety: Gri-Gri & Spotting* etc
Hang-dogging & Reversing
100 Tips & Tricks* Future*
Dangerous falls and static ropes
Improve the comp format
Rope drag

ADRENALIN (Edge & Fear)
Edge moves and performance aniexty
Mental training

BLOOD-FLOW (Meters & Moves)
The pumped feeling � Forearm physics
Load & Contact time
Lactid Acid
Building the motor by meters

Interview with profiles*

PROGRESS (Technic, Tactic & Power)
Gripping positions
Diversify your repertoire
Pull & Push
Recruitment training
Redpoint tactics

Peak Performance
Short cuts to 8a
Stretch, Flexibility, Yoga and massage
Periodization *

Index 8a - Z*

Interaction between climbers
is the magic grade in the climbing scale of difficulties and it is reached by less than one percent. 8a.nu is the world's largest climbing community with soon 10 000 members who run personal webpages where they keep track of ascents etc.
Communication is possible through personal messages, guestbooks and a Forum. Members who are on-line are automatically listed and it's possible to search for members who have visited a particular crag etc.

8a.nu was opened in 1999 by Jens Larssen as a local sport climbing site for G�teborg - Sweden. The webmaster was Leif J�gerbrand who together with Jens invented the Scorecard including the world ranking, based on the Top-10 climbs the last 12 months.

In 2000, Bj�rn Pohl joined and the global site was opened including the first world ranking were introduced. Since 2003, the webmaster has been Jonas Emanuelsson who has developed the site for 20 different countries, a crag database, on-line interaction and a training-log.

Major contributers have been �ke Nilsson President of ICC Rules commission, who have written a number of World Cup articles etc. In the long run, 8a needs receipts as the cost for the server etc is increasing. 8a is looking for sponsors, advertisers and contributers. Please contact Jens.

The 8abc of rock climbing
- The book project

Adrenalin, Bloodflow & Champion could be the ABC that best explaines the essence of rock climbing and which also could be a guiding-star for the climbing community and 8a.nu
The base of the pyramid for all life style climbers is built upon Adrenaline and Bloodflow. The top of the pyramid is built upon less joyable optimization like jogging, strength training, periodization, diets and extra rest days etc.

ost skillful climbers have been so addicted that they constantly seek the challenge of managing the next move with minimum margin. They have become the best of lying on the edge.
The limiting factor for this life style and for those who want to become better climbers is the Bloodflow. The by far best shortcut of improving your climbing and to experience more of that adrenaline is to climb as many meters/moves per hour as possible, without getting pumped.
nce your base of your pyramid (Maslow) is full of adrenalin and bloodflow then you can add somehting to your life style and strive to become a long-term Champion. But in the end the numbers are not what counts anyhow...but it sure is a motivator and a fun game! Enjoy!

The 8abc book project
Adrenline Bloodflow Champion Dyno Ethic Freepoint Grigri Hang-dog Isolation Jug Knee-bar Lock-off Mantel Nut Onsight Pinch Quick-draw Redpoint Slab Traverse Undercling View www X Younsters Zone