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Forum: GLOBAL / News / Valhalla 9a+ possibly the hardest MP in the world Login in to contribute
Valhalla 9a+ possibly the hardest MP in the world
OffLine 8a.nu
  2019-03-22 00:00:00    
First he was assisted by his brother for two months drilling and hammering in 250 bolts. On the second trip, which lasted five months, his father was mainly his partner. Waking up at 06.00 for breakfast then walking 1.5 hour before starting climbing or jumaring to the roof.

"It was the hardest process of my life to be totally focus on this project for 2 + 5 months. I feel really happy to finish this crazy project. I did not know if it was possible to climb free. I was worried about to find some impossible points for climbing.

Every two weeks I had to go to Guiyang to train indoors to keep my power. It was also hard to not talk to people for a long time because the Chines in general do not talk English."

Edu has previously done three 9a+ and Chilam Balam 9a+/b. With 14 pitches including one 9a+ and two 8c+', Valhalla is a contender for being the hardest graded multi-pitch in the world. The FA took nine hours. Some days ago, he fell on pitch 12 after a foot hold broke. More info and pictures on his Insta (c) David Lopez Campe
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OffLine Chaz-O
  2019-03-21 18:23:32    
It looks like this has the hardest single pitch, but the Dawn Wall has more hard pitches (something like 10 pitches above 8b compared to 5 on Valhalla). Also totally different styles, so it will be very hard to compare. It's really impressive that Edu can do this in a single day, compared to the Dawn Wall which no one has done in a single week even.
OffLine Thomas Bach
  2019-03-21 23:07:06    
While half of the "elite" is out there bouldering, ticking 8C left, right and center... Someone is out there doing something that is actually inspiring and different. Credit where credit is due, fuckin effort!
OffLine Steve
  2019-03-21 23:49:55    
Well, the video on his instagram makes it a bit less inspiring...
OffLine Marcel Heemskerk
  2019-03-22 07:40:07    
OffLine Marcel Heemskerk
  2019-03-22 07:46:13    
Looks to me like the hardest traverse in the world..
I have been in Getu and know the situation. Traversing through the roof just doesn’t seem like a natural line to me. Next, somebody climbs up halfway on Salathe, El Capitan, to traverse to the right through Free Rider, The Nose, Dawn Wall and further to create the next hardest MP Traverse. :P
  2019-03-22 12:03:38    
OnLine Rajko Zajc
  2019-03-22 12:14:55    
@Marcel Dawn wall hardest pitch is also a traverse..
OffLine bernd oman
  2019-03-22 12:26:06    
great achievement! but strange name for a route located in china.
contenders for a repeat may end up in flatanger.

@marcel - props to one of the least inspired comments ever
OffLine Gerald Kötele
  2019-03-22 13:00:15    
O man how crazy! Never heard of the Girdle Traverse?