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Forum: GLOBAL / News / Two 8B's by Clay Gordon (17) Login in to contribute
Two 8B's by Clay Gordon (17)
OffLine 8a.nu
  2019-01-05 00:00:00    
Clay Gordon reports on Insta that he has sent in different days but in one session, two 8B's in Bishop, Spectre and Buttermilker. He also did The Mystery 8A+ and Evilution Direct 8A. Pic from Spectre, © Michael Pang

Clay was 4th at the Youth World Championships in 2016 and four times he has been the national champion in USA.
Click to Enlarge Picture
OffLine Jamie Emerson
  2019-01-05 19:11:41    
Since when is V13 news? Fred Nicole put up V14 in 1998 in Hueco. Climbing is moving backwards
OnLine Jens Larssen
  2019-01-05 21:28:09    
It is a nice picture and impressive sends by a 17 year old... but I was not the one who published it :)
OnLine Geo Bush
  2019-01-06 06:08:16    
Give us a break Jamie - no one cares if teenagers can crank on bad/tiny holds above a pile of mattresses in the first place, it's just strength tricks done on rocks
OffLine louis de cornulier
  2019-01-08 23:20:34    
I hope you're joking, Geo. Spectre's crux move is among the coolest I've ever watched (Dave Graham, long time ago), and it's definitely not just a strength trick, as you dismiss it.
OffLine Zach Galla
  2019-01-11 13:54:36    
"just strength tricks done on rocks" I agree, I hate when kids train for years to build enough strength to easily climb a stupid boulder. It takes no skill and it is not impressive.